Who are Christian Study's parents?

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Could his parents be Peter and Catherine Study?

There is a Christian Study confirmed in 1780 in the Evangelical Reformed Church in Frederick County, Maryland by the Rev. F.L. Henop (Frederick Lewis Henop). There is also a Maria Study confirmed in the same church in 1779.

Present in the same church are possible parents for Christian. Johan Peter Study and his wife Catharina Study are present in the records starting in 1770. They are present for communion and are sponsors for baptisms until 1782. Even though the records continue until 1789 there is no further mention of them after they were sponsors of a baptism in 1782.

Peter and Catharina Study were sponsors at the baptism of Catherine Study, daughter of John and Margaret Study in 1772. John and Margaret should also be considered as possible parents of Christian. Christian would only have been 9 years old at the time of this baptism. There is a Johannes Study on the communion list of 1773 but is not know if this is Johan Peter or the John who is married to Margaret. After 1773 there is no futher mention of a John or Johann Study. Johan Peter is known as Peter.

The book "Revolutionary Patriots of Frederick County, Maryland 1775-1783" by Henry C. Peden, Jr. lists a Peter Studey (sic). He was a juror to the Oath of Allegiance in March 1778.

In March 1789, Christian Study of Bedford County, Pennsylvania purchases land in Air Township for 62 pounds and 10 shillings. His name is spelled Study and Studey in the deed. On the same day, Christian also purchases 110 1/2 acres for 300 pounds. In the deed, Christian is refered to as a "yeoman".

The 1789 tax list of Bedford County, Pennsylvania shows a Peter Stude in Belfast Township. He is listed as having only 1 horse. His valuation is listed as 10 pounds. This is very low. On the same page, listing 34 men, there is one man whose valuation is 3 pounds and one whose valuation is 13. All the other valuations are over 50 pounds.

Christian is on the 1789 Bedford County, Pennsylvania tax list. He is listed as having 200 acres by warrant, 4 horses and 3 cows. His valuation is $249. There is also a listing for a Mathias Study in Brothers Valley, Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Mathias is listed as having 200 acres by warrant, 2 horses, 2 cattle, 1 saw mill and 1 oil mill.

The 1790 census of Bedford County, Pennsylvania shows 2 Study families. Christian appears to have been listed as "Katreen" Study and "Matthias" Study. Christian was sometimes known as Matthias - the grist mill embedded in his house in Little Cove has the initials - M.C. on it. The Katreen Study on the census is a woman, there are no males in the household that could be the head of family. Her household consists of 2 males under 16 and 3 females. Perhaps this is Christian's mother, Catherina? On the page she is listed on in the census she is neighbors to James Ballah (Balla) and Christian Swank. Two of Christian Study's daughters married sons of these 2 men.

Would like to hear other opinions.

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