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Started by Serena Coils on Wednesday, April 6, 2011


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4/6/2011 at 6:06 AM

Hi All

I will be as brief as I can - Noah Bierman and his wife Rose Bierman (Nee Knapp), Migrated from Poland, around 1880 (census records say they where polish/Russian nationals) they had 13 children, my grandfather Lipman Bierman (Noah’s son) the youngest, born around 1883/84, in the UK, some of the older children born Poland.

I want to know if anyone has links in English from Poland/Russia to find out how to trace further back from Noah Bierman, I have no idea as to previous location pre UK, as to what part of Poland they where from.

Information I have so far has been from my father and auntie as to things Lipman told them, there is another Lipman Bierman who was the son of the oldest son of Noah, Ezekiel aka Charles BIERMAN his son Lipman is not my grandfather Lipman, although my dad says the photo looks just like him, that Lipman - his grand daughter I am in contact with.

I will leave it there, any further questions just ask and I will answer if I can, and any help is greatly appreciated.

Serena Coils – Nee Bierman

@Noah Bierman

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