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4/6/2011 at 10:03 AM

According to my records Jean Baptiste d"Amours de Louviere (b1720) who was married to Marie Genevieve Bergeron and went to Louisiana in St. James Parish, had a son named Charles d'Amours de Louiviere who was the father of Ann Marie d'Amours de Louviere who married Louis Gaudin. Jean Baptiste was the son of Louis D'Amours de Louviere ( b.1689 and Ursuline d"Abbadie de St. Castin, youngest daughter of Jean Vincent d'Abbadie de St. Castin and Marie Mathilde Pidikiwamiska , daughter of Metaconadao, high chief of the Penobscot tribe. Louis was the son of Louis d"Amours de Chauffours and Marguerite Guyon. Louis d'Amours de Cahuffours was the son of Matthieu d'Amours de Chauffours and Marie Marsolet de St Agnan.

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