Nantucket to New Zealand Coffins - Alexander "Long Tom" Coffin

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4/7/2011 at 7:41 AM

Alexander COFFIN1,2
d. 26 July 1901

Alexander 'Tom' Coffin
Husband of Caroline Henrietta Bathurst
Alexander's nickname was Long Tom COFFIN.1 He was born in the USA, and went to New Zealand from Nantucket USA. There is anecdotal evidence that he ran away to sea at the age of 12 years. Alexander's grandson, Charlie Coffin was told that Alexander left the States in 1832. Stories have it that he came out on a whaling ship captained by his uncle, Seth Coffin, and that he named one of his sons Seth Silverneil after the captain of his ship. He was first documented in Timaru in 1840 at the Rhodes Brothers Whaling Station. He also worked as a drover and labourer before setting up in farming at Okains Bay. He dabbled in poetry, acted as a vet and raised his family on the farm.1 Alexander was the partner of Caroline Henrietta BATHURST; They had fourteen known children:
William Thomas Bathurst; Alexander Bathurst Coffin; William Henry Coffin; Edward James Coffin; Henrietta Louisa Coffin; Silas Augustus Bathurst; Seth Silverneil Bathurst Coffin; Philip George Bathurst Coffin; Alfred William Bathurst Coffin; Richard Uridge Bathurst; Walter Henry (Abbott) Coffin Bathurst; Charles Samuel Bathurst Coffin; Lillian Francis Bathurst Coffin; Peter Bathurst Coffin.1,3
Alexander died on 26 July 1901 in Okains Bay, Banks Peninsula, New Zealand

5/27/2012 at 7:34 PM

Yes this is the post David and there is another one similar where Alexander arrived with a "contemporary" (what does that mean?) Peter Coffin who we think is our Peter Coffin as we know from the marriage cert that Kanuka married Peter Coffin from Duchess County NY in 1841. Thanks, Deb

5/27/2012 at 7:36 PM

From what I can gather I think they "jumped ship"

5/27/2012 at 7:37 PM

and Alexander named one of his son's Peter....

5/27/2012 at 7:39 PM

Coffin Family Newsletter
Vol III Number 2 May 1987 Whole Number 10
Page 8
Query 043 Coffin, Alexander (COFFIN/BATHURST)
Alexander Thomas Coffin was born in the United States of
America ca 1818-19; died in New Zealand 26 July 1901, age
83. He came to New Zealand ca 1839-40. He was a contem-
porary of Peter Coffin who was born Dutchess County, NY,
ca 1821. Were they related?

In all official papers his name was signed as Alexander
or Alexander Thomas. In other documents he was called
Thomas and sometimes Capt. "Long Tom" Coffin. He married
first in 1853 Mary Ainge and second, ca 1854, Caroline
Henrietta Bathurst, born Greenwich, England, 1835. Need
parents of Alexander Thomas Coffin and of Peter Coffin.

In a previous CFN query the submitter stated that Alexander
might have "jumped ship" or had been shipwrecked.

6/10/2012 at 9:04 PM

These are interesting! Thanks.

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