Trip to France this summer!

Started by Jon Christien Gubera on Thursday, April 7, 2011


4/7/2011 at 8:33 PM

Bonsoir, ma famille en Amerique et France!

Ce message est très important pour la famille en Amérique. Je partagerai plus d'informations avec la famille en France bientôt.

Alors, there are now five people confirmed for the summer trip to France: Jon, Eric, Donna, Jamie and Jessica! We are all arriving on July 2nd or 3rd and departing around July 15 to 17.

American family members, please let us know if others are planning to go (or have already booked the trip) because we are working on itineraries and housing for the stay there.

For those still looking here are some suggestions to try to save money:
1) be flexible on your departures - switching days can save a few hundred dollars. and we don't care when you make it - just that you do!
2) book on miles. American still has openings for 90k. I haven't check the others. You can buy miles or have someone gift them to you or someone with al ot can actually get the ticket in your name.
3) staying with the booking on miles theme - there are several credit card sign ups that give you beaucoup miles quickly that you can use towards a purchase. there is typically an annual fee you pay (50-80 dollars) upon sign up, but even with the fee the savings on the purchase of an overseas ticket is a great investment and you can simply dump the card later before incurring another annual fee the following year.

Let me know if you have any questions, including about the miles game (Caroline and I play it often and quite well).

Philippe Orcel just emailed me yesterday that he will have champagne chilling for all arrivals!



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