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4/9/2011 at 5:12 AM

** ADDING FAMILY TO TREE ** The original intention of starting this tree was to keep a record of my family and to get a better idea of where everyone fit into the bigger scheme of things from my perspective. It has grown considerably since then. Now it has got to the stage where it is growing more sideways rather than up as I had originally hoped. It is a great tool for everyone to establish, re-establish and form new connections within the family. It is heart-warming to see all the birthday messages etc.. and the family keeping in contact across the world. However, can I please ask for administrative purposes and to keep the tree manageable we keep it WITHIN BLOODLINES. If you would like to add in family / extended family (by marriage) then please do so by setting up your own tree on Geni that you can then manage and invite others to join – it is free to set up a tree or you can pay an annual fee to have more research tools available if you choose. Geni then has the facility to link in trees (I can accept links as administrator and will do so). Apologies to those whom have recently added family members – I should have been more clear as to the purpose of establishing the blood lineage (from Henry Joseph Burke and Esther Esther McAuley Burke (neeDarraugh)). Can I also ask that we try and work on going back a bit further in our lineage. Any information you can add, including anecdotes etc.. about our ancestors would be great. Please be clear when writing as to what is actual fact and what still needs verification. Thank you and hope you all continue to use and enjoy our family tree! Andrea xo

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4/9/2011 at 9:06 AM

Andrea -- Good Luck!! The Geni-Team wants there to be one tree for the whole world, each person living or deceased having only one profile. If you manage to work ancestors back far enough that they have to be public, one of the curators will undoubtedly merge it with another, attaching you to the "Big Tree" and etc. And the Geni-Team, if I understand correctly, would just want all those separate trees you are suggesting to be merged. I don't mind "my tree" being built out sideways -- but I hate the Geni-Team, etc. wanting me to merge with folks who don't know me or anyone who has joined "my tree" at all, but built their tree sideways enough to find an overlap.

Shalom Private User,
once you invite other people to your tree, it comes a *collective* tree. There aren't really any tree "administrators" on Geni. Pretty much the whole concept is just the opposite.

Do you think it reasonable that you can invite anybody you want, but then ask people NOT to do the same thing? Do you think it is reasonable to ask people to duplicate there own trees, because you (and possibly only you), want a blood-line tree only?

For example, you have cousins, yes? They are your blood-relatives.But they ALSO have cousins who are of THEIR blood-lines (and not related to you). Your request makes no sense.

What is even more ironic, is that you made this PUBLIC discussion, which is visible to everybody on Geni, and is actually LESS likely to be seen by your Family-Group. When you start a discussion, you have the option to select who can see it.

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