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Started by Robert Holly on Saturday, April 9, 2011


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4/9/2011 at 2:58 PM

Check out the following website provided by Maureen Lee
It lists all of Increases children and spouses

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4/21/2011 at 8:27 AM


Very interesting website. I wonder how the leap is made from the photo at the top of this website page to Increase Holly. I'm not seeing the connection.

4/24/2011 at 9:57 PM

Hi Monica, this is according to my records, roughly researched, some verified and confirmed.

Sooner or later this message will get thru without bombing out... :-))

I’m only going to do the genealogy directly related to me, avoiding cousins, etc.

Increase Holly (My 4GF), born 11 Mar 1791 in Orange County, NY, 15 or 16 Sep 1810, married Hannah Kent(e) born 4 or 14 Apr 1792. They reportedly had 9 children, Increase died 12 or 19 May 1865, and is buried in the Ceres Cemetery, Ceres, McKean County, PA. Hannah died 13 Jan or Jun 1853 in Livingston County and is supposedly buried in Well Cemetery in northern Allegany County, NY.

Here is the link concerning Increase and Hannah:
The same one you have posted -
This is where Maureen Lee comes into the picture. She posted the page, but I’ve tried contacting her thru several other email addresses she had and also a home in Nebraska (I believe it was this state). All of this to no avail. I contacted the Bolivar library historian and she said she personally knew and met Maureen and was surprised she has basically fallen off the face of the earth. Anyway, life goes on; onward and upward!!

Increase and Hannah had the following child:
John C. Holly(My 3GF), born 13 Dec 1816, married in Portville, Cattaraugus, NY, Amelia Searles, born 23 Nov 1825 in Ceres, McKean, PA. John died 27 Oct 1890 in Ceres, PA, and Amelia died 19 May 1898. Both are buried in Ceres Cemetery, Ceres, McKean, PA. John and Amelia had 9 children.

John and Amelia had the following child:
John C Holly (My 2GF), born 26 Feb 1861, married 1883 in Germany, unconfirmed, Mary Peffer, born 28 Apr 1863. John died 17 Aug 1933 in Ceres, PA and is buried in Ceres Cemetery, Ceres, McKean, PA. Mary died 27 Dec 1955. John and Mary had 2 children.

John and Mary had the following child:
Robert Peffer Holly (My grandfather), born 28 Dec 1885 or 86, married 7 Nov 1908 in Whitesville, Allegany, NY, Flossie Cheesman, born 24 Oct 1885. Robert died 31 Dec 1954, Greenwood, Steuben, NY, Flossie died 7 Dec 1982, Greenwood, Steuben, NY. Both are buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Greenwood, Steuben, NY. Robert and Flossie had 2 children.

Robert and Flossie had the following child:
Robert Sterling Holly (My father), born 17 May 1912, 12 Oct. 1946, married in Wellsville, Allegany, NY, Alice Elizabeth Sutfin, born 11 Aug 1921. Robert died 13 Jul 2001, Wellsville, Allegany, NY, Alice died 12 Sep 2007, in Hilton, Monroe, NY. Both are buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Wellsville, Allegany, NY. Robert and Alice had 4 children.

Linda, born 1947, Robert, (me), born 1948, Christina, born 1961, Melissa, born 1964.

Hope this helps you out in your research. Let me know if you need more info.

Please excuse the intro name of “Jimmy Jones” this is my secondary email address.

Take care now,

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4/25/2011 at 5:11 AM

Great. Thank you. I did see the website and I will add this info to my tree.

I'm curious who Increase's parents are. If they are on Maureen's page, the lineage is not easily identified.

It's been fun sharing this info with my mom and grandma.

Happy Easter!

4/27/2011 at 10:04 AM

Hi Monica- Yes we had a wonderful Easter, we hope yours was the same, a bit windy out here, norm for this time of year, but beautiful temps! Love it!!
I just happen to come across this webpage concerning Increases' parents-

Nathan Holly

You added it Apr '09, and says Nathan was his father. Guess we're up against a brick wall temporarily.

Have you had any luck trying to contact Maureen Lee concerning this?

Take care now, best to you and yours,

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4/28/2011 at 7:04 AM

I received some info in 2009 from my mother's cousin and that is where I got the name "Nathan" for Increase's father. I will try to connect with her again and see if there is anything more I can add.

Easter was a bit cold, even for us Wisconsinites. In fact, we had snow flurries this morning. Ugh! That is definitely not normal for this time of year and we're all not-so-patiently waiting for 60+ degree weather.

I have not had any luck with contacting Maureen, but will certainly keep you posted if I do. It's so neat to see dates in the 1700s for these relatives. Amazing.

Hope you're sending the high temps eastward. :)

5/18/2011 at 12:21 AM

Well hello again - been trying to box up some of the warm temps we're having out here, but not having much luck - keeps leaking out!!! Strange time of year for us out here too, 90's one week, 50's the next.
Been plugging along, gathering up photos from, rather interesting site, adding more info to, - hate it when the wheels start slipping, makes you want to pull your hair out, but then some strand of light pops thru and makes it all worthwhile again.
Was finally able to get pics of Increase and Hannah Kents headstones - not bad for over 150 yrs old. It's amazing - I've seen original headstones from the early 1700's that are still in somewhat readable condition.
Get ready for the high temp box, it's on the way and post office said delivery is worse than snail mail, and should be out there in a month or so. Let me know when it arrives :+))
Best to y'all,

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5/18/2011 at 9:05 AM

I've recruited my uncle (also a Robert Holly) and added him to my Geni family tree. He's had some luck with some dates and more detailed info, so I'm hoping he'll be able to enter it in and fill in some blanks.

Our temps have recovered a bit, but we still had frost advisories last night, so many are covering plants, etc. Our family camps a lot, so we ready for warm! I appreciate you sending the nice weather, I'll watch the mail. :)

I'll check out the findagrave website. Thanks for the resource!
Take care,

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