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4/16/2011 at 1:55 PM

Was he the Sebree who founded Sebree Kentucky and was responsible for the railroad that ran through the town?

6/13/2011 at 5:27 PM

I'm not sure.
This is the only info I have been able to find :
The was a monument in Christian Co.
mentioning Col. Sebree, a Colonial Soldier, and mentioned having family in the Rev. War. Perhaps he took his bounty land
in KY.

Page 8
Standing in back, Ada Sebree Garth: Mother. ...
Page 26
... SEBREE ...
Page 27
Elijah G. Sebree. on behalf of Leavell and Maj. Gray debated the matter. A bitter battle ensued which almost erupted into
a duel. ...
Page 28
In 1 8 1 9 Fendal Sebree came to Trenton from Virginia. He bought land and settled about two miles south of Trenton on land
now owned by SB Carter. ...
Page 29
EG Sebree contributed the land upon which the present church was built. Thus the name "Sebree 's Chapel CME Church." The
Rev. JW McClure was pastor when the ...
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For the second article, not certain if this is related to Abigail Sebree, but it's only seldon I've found anything about
any military Sebree. Being that he was from Virginia, it seemed that he may have been in NYS at some time during Rev. War;

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