Hannah Sellers is mother-in-law of Capt. James Stockton

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4/16/2011 at 7:31 PM

Hannah Sellers was not the mother-in-law of the Samuel Stockton who married Prudence.

Life Sketches and Reminiscences of T. J. Stockton, Senior, Second Edition, 1898, p. 116.
"I have lost the record and dates on my mother's side. She was a Torbet. Her father was of Irish descent. I have their old Bible; it was printed in 1673, over two hundred and twenty-five years ago . . . My Grandfather Torbet married Hannah Sellers . . . "

Capt. James 4 Stockton, a son of Jesse 3 and Mary (nee Hays) Stockton, married Margaret Torbet. She was a daughter of Robert and Hannah (nee Sellers) Torbet.

T. J. 5 Stockton was a son of Captain James 4 and Margaret (nee Torbet) Stockton. In his 1898 book T. J. Stockton wrote that his mother's maiden name was Torbet and that her mother's name was Hannah (nee Sellers) Torbet. No one questions T. J. Stockton's information that his mother's maiden name was Torbet and that her mother was Hannah (nee Sellers) Torbet.

The information that Prudence, the wife of Samuel 2 Stockton, was a daughter of Hannah (nee Sellers) Torbet is wrong. Hannah (nee Sellers) Torbet was the mother-in-law of Capt. James 4 Stockton, she was not the mother-in-law of Samuel 2 Stockton.

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