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13.5.2011 в 7:27 до полудня

Randy - I enjoy working on this project - mostly because of you and the other members :) I'll look and see where I can help, but check with you and status you, so I don't do anything to undo your great work.

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13.5.2011 в 8:04 до полудня

Just a quick apology for having been so inactive recently. I've found a lot of information on my great-great-grandparents and have been busy with that, and then there's that whole "job' thing. ;) But you're all doing amazing work and I look forward to rejoining you soon! Thanks for all you do for Geni!

13.5.2011 в 8:07 до полудня


Feel free to undo, amend, correct anything I've added.:)

I am not an expert on pre-colonial Hartford, Connecticut family history but I felt I could jump in and help get things organized with the project.

My main focus continues to be on various Mormon Pioneer related projects and regional western American and family histories so my time back delving into early Hartford may be less frequent in the future than it has been the last couple of weeks. This project has been great to work on and I agree that much of that is because of the great people that are collaborating on the project.


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15.8.2011 в 6:51 до полудня

Hello! I'm a direct descendant of Dr.Thomas Lord (9th great grandfather), a Hartford founder. I have names of his parents and grandparents, if they are not already included.

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15.8.2011 в 9:46 до полудня

Welcome, Meguey! Dr. Lord's tree on Geni doesn't go back very far, I'm afraid, but it does go back a bit further than what you have. His profile can be found at: Thomas Lord

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