Early American Election Records

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5/17/2011 at 7:04 AM

I thought I'd pass this along, with the American Historical Association just sent to our members today:

[http://blog.historians.org/resources/1333/a-new-nation-votes-electi... A New Nation Votes: Election Data from 1787 to 1825]

Here's a brief description:

"A New Nation Votes is a work in progress and currently includes digitized data from 18,146 elections, representing 54% of the overall collection. When the project is complete it will contain the election returns from the 25 states and territories that existed from 1787 to 1825."

It's a really cool service because you can look up town-by-town vote counts for all different candidates. You can search by year, race, town, county, and several other options.

I was able to go back and look up exactly how many votes some of my ancestors received in their elections. You might also find that ancestors you didn't know had ever run for anything were indeed public servants (elected or aspiring).

You can go directly to [http://elections.lib.tufts.edu/aas_portal/index.xq A New Nation Votes] to search through the records. Enjoy!

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5/17/2011 at 7:07 AM

You know, one day, I WILL learn to remember which code works where on Geni. Sorry for the mess!

But here's an excuse to make another quick mention:

Have you ever wondered what, exactly, your "assessor" or "magistrate" or "burgess" ancestor did? Sort by office names at http://elections.lib.tufts.edu/aas_portal/office-list.xq

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