Looking for Sonnenwald's having German roots

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5/18/2011 at 7:48 AM

My mother Klara and her cousin Bertha (maiden name Sonnenwald) came to the USA in 1923.
Eventually Klara maried a Fuhlbrugge and Bertha a Kroll.Klara's father was Christian Gottlob and Berha's father was named William.Christian was known by his middle name
Gottlob only, by my knowledge,his marriage produced 3 children (Klara, Otto & Hedwig),whereas Williams marriage produced 4 children ( Bertha,Herrmann Hemmi),
Friedrich and Otto ?). Klara and Bertha's family resided in Queens,LI NY . Herrmann in the Bronx ,NY and Friedrich somewhere in New Jersey .
The origin of the name is not known to me, but I do know that there is a region known as
Sonnenwald in the state of Bavaria,Germany.Anyone, with the knowlede of the above mentiond names please contact me. Thanks!

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