Sarah Ann Lee and Francis King

Started by Vicki Lee (Curtis) Fotheringham on Sunday, May 22, 2011
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5/22/2011 at 12:15 AM

Does anyone have their children with dates of birth, death, marriage etc. Here is what I have on Sarah Lee:
Sarah Ann Lee born 4 Aug 1830 Mad River Township, Champaign County, Ohio
died 1903 buried in San Juan Island, Washington on July 23 1904
She is the daughter of James A. Lee and Myrtilda Powell and sister of:
Elizabeth Ann Lee
Phoebe Catherine Lee
Frances Ann Lee
James G. Lee (died young)
Ivy Lee
Melchia Jane Lee
John Bruff Lee
Samuel Lee
Mary Ann
Eliza Lee
and last of all:
James George Lee

Also, if anyone has any information on Raymond E. Lee, he is my maternal grandfather. Divorced my grandmother when my mother was a tiny baby. My grandmother maintained the fact that when she divorced my grandfather, she divorced all memory of him. Sooooo, we grew up not knowing anything about him, never hearing from him.

Thanks for any of this information you can help provide!
Have a great day!
Vicki Lee Curtis Fotheringham

(Ironically, my mom gave me the middle name of Lee spelled just like her maiden name. Although, she would never say much about her father, and what it was was not good, she had to think something good about him, or in my opinion would never have given me the middle name of Lee.

Shalom Vicki Lee (Curtis) Fotheringham,

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