Death of John McGill

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This information comes from the Pennsylvania Department of Mines
Inspectors Reports for the year 1907. I've listed all the reported information.

As reported by D.T. DAVIS, State Mine Inspector for the 9th Anthracite
District. John McGILL, Irish, Miner, age 40, married, 6 children. Died 26 March 1907 at the Plymouth #3 Colliery, which was operated by the Delaware & Hudson Company. Cause of death is listed as being, "Instantly killed by a fall of top coal while barring out loose coal at face."

The Delaware & Hudson Company also operated these mines which were located in the 9th District: The Boston Colliery Plymouth Collieries No .2,3,4 and 5. C.C. ROSE was the General Superintendant of Scranton, Pa. E.R. PETTIBONE was the Superintendant of Dorrance, Pa.

In regards to the conditions of the colliery as reported by Mr. Davis
in his report, The Plymouth #3 Colliery was in "General Condition as to safety good." In regards to Improvements made during the course of operations in 1907 to Plymouth #3: Red Ash sump was lenghtened 450 feet. #6 Slope in Red Ash Vein was opened and driven 260 feet. #15 Rock Tunnel was driven 460 feet from bottom to top of Red Ash Vein. A Rock Tunnel was driven 100 feet from Stanton Vein to tap shaft for ventilation. The Plymouth #3 Colliery used both the Drift and Slope entry ways. It was considered to be a "gasous mine". A Gulbal ventilation fan was in operation. Steam was used as a power source. The Delaware & Hudson Railroad served for the shipping of the coal.

In just the 9th Anthracite District operations of the Delaware &
Hudson Company alone, the company mined 1,140,910 tons of coal in 1907.
The company employed 1906 men and boys inside the mines and 705 men
and boys outside of the mines.

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