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Isabella's ancestry continues to elude me, even after all this time of searching! I included my thoughts and finds over the years, but I still haven't come up with anything conclusive. Can anyone find any furthur leads? Included some helpful links to provide a starting point :)


Was Wickens her SECOND marriage??

~# Birth: ABT. 1809 in Bundale, Co. Caithness, Scotland

Update II:

Here is some data on William Sinclair, the 10th Earl of Caithness. Noticed he had a daughter of the name "Isabella Sinclair". Notice also the date corresponds to make Isabella Bruce Wickens his granddaughter. Now, remember that people of the time period often named their daughters after the mother - similar to how fathers currently name their sons after themselves (Jr.). If you look at the link below, you will see that Isabella Sinclair is listed as "unmarried". Notice also that there is no death date. And yet, all her brothers and sisters have their death dates recorded. Why would a woman of royalty not have her death date recorded? Here is my hypothesis.

I suggest that according to oral tradition from Charlotte Greenwood, a Scottish princess by the name if Isabella ran away with the "chofer", a man by the name of "Bruce". This would indicate Isabella Wickens' father. Now, the story goes Isabella was disowned for naming a commoner. If a princess married a commoner, and if she was disowned, wouldn't her death date not be recorded? Wouldn't she be listed as "unmarried"? That is why I suggest that Isabella Wickens Bruce's mother was, indeed, Isabella Sinclair. I have spoken with a Scottish royal geneologist on the matter via email, and he said that although it cannot (at this time, with my amount of research) be proven, my conjecture does make sense and could very well be true. We shall see as the discoveries progress!! :)



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