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Maria Winne was born in 1722. Her parents names were Pieter Danilse Winne and Rachael Van Alen Winne. Maria Winne was married to Cornelis Jacob Shermerhorn they were the parents of Daniel C Schermerhorn. Daniel married Maria Vanderpoel. They had several children. One was Maria Schermerhorn who Married Matthew Bovee. Both lived or were married in Kinderhook N.Y. (Kinderhook was of Sleepy Hollow fame written by Washington Irving. Irving lived about 40 miles south of Kinderhook on the Hudson river. Kinderhook was also the home of president Martin Van Buren. There was a Van Buren in the Shermerhorn geneology from the same area.) Daniel C Schermerhor is burried in Lime Rock cemetery near Leroy N.Y. Maria his daughter (wife of Matthew Bovee) is burried in churchville N.Y. I have been to both sites. There is an early trail (Rt 20 Boston to Seatle wash.) This Rt runs through Kinderhook and the Leroy N.Y. area the family must have migrated up this trail. The Shermerhorn family was a very prominent family in the history of the first settlers in america. All are decendants of one Jacob Janse Schermerhorn born in Schermerhorn Holland, a very prominent family there also and can be traced back to the early Pagan kings of Europe. Jacob Janse Schermerhorn was born in 1622 and came to America in 1636 at 14 yrs. old. Jacob J came to America on a patroon ship owned by Kilean Van Rensselaer a diamond merchant in Holland.

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