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5/25/2011 at 2:39 PM

This story was written by a cousin about my 3rd great-grandfather:

ROLLO MONTGOMERY (RALEIGH) DAVIS was born in 1812 In Ohio county Kentucky. He married Margaret Baker, from this union they had children Parazade Elizabeth, Josephine Marie, Isaac Nathaniel, Amanda and Ann ( the twins) Rollo also had son JOEL HAMILTON DAVIS from a previous marriage to Margarets sister, RACHAEL BAKER. Isaac Nathaniel was married several times, the last being to Ida Bell Clark, of this union they had my father in law, James Monroe Davis who married Rosalie Stafford and had 2 daughters and one son of their marriage. Dad, James Monroe could sit for hours and tell the stories that were told to him by his father Isaac Nathaniel, he being the youngest. He told of the stories of his grandfather ROLLO and the wars in which he fought. He once told of the time that his grandfather and Tom Hancock had been captured by the Mexicans , they were forced to pick beans everyday, if they got a black bean they were killed, if they picked a white bean, they got to live another day. Tom Hancock managed to pick their locks and together they escaped, they came to a small creek or body of water and they were so thirsty, Tom Hancock, rolled down the bank into the stream, ROLLO cautious of all the noise went further down to a spot where he could get to the water and drink. Tom Hancock came walking down the creek to where ROLLO was. They came to a town, ROLLO said they should go around, but Tom Hancock being more daring, said they should go through. Well, they parted ways and ROLLO went back to fight. Years later on a street corner in San Antonio, they ran into each other again. Tom Hancock reiterated to ROLLO that he was right about that town, he was captured again and went back to drawing beans, but that he picked the locks again and escaped. ROLLO was a good shot and so was his son Isaac Nathaniel. Dad also had said that his grandfather grew extra corn which he shared with the Indians, as they were raiding the camps of the settlers for food, they were evidently starving and felt it their just due, since the settlers were taking so many of the resources. He said his Dad would tell him the Indians used the guadalupe river and would come down in canoes, ROLLO would leave the extra corn for them to get, and they pretty much left them alone. When the last of them were leaving the area, the Indians brought ROLLO a Paint pony, and said it was for his kindness to them. Isaac, said his fathers statement was, it was the best piece of horseflesh he had ever seen. ROLLO'S brother JOHN DAVIS along with RACHEL'S and Margarets brother ISAAC BAKER were lost at the Alamo. ROLLO had learned to pay Monte, a card game from the Mexicans, He was playing with his fellow soldiers before the battle of Goliad, ROLLA had won 300 silver dollars from the other troops. When the Mexicans were going to execute them, they told them to turn around, but ROLLA would not turn around, the Mexican that was assigned to shot him, could not shoot him, with him looking him in the eye. In the confusion ROLLA ran and was across the river before the Mexicans began to pursue him, as he ran the silver dollars started falling out of his pockets, the Mexicans would stop to pick them up, so when they would start gaining on ROLLA, he would throw out some more of the money, after the money was gone, he started with his jacket pants, boots, everything, but his underwear and his socks. He came upon a bramble patch and just dove into it. The Mexicans looked around a while, and when night fell, ROLLA started back to Gonzales. He arrived cut up, bruised and bleeding, but he was alive. His son Isaac said his dads only regret was that he threw his boots away, as the grass had been burnt and the stubble tore his feet up.

Please feel free to share any family Republic of Texas stories you may have.

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