Few word on Paul Part-1

Started by Soji jacob on Thursday, May 26, 2011


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5/26/2011 at 12:36 PM

He was a dark black short guy, simple, straight forward, hard working and above all sincere person.
My first image on him is a teen aged boy with collected grass on his head, moving across the VAYAL...

He got admission for pre-degree in SN college. I remember the story he told on 'his first day' in college.

He was moving through the varandah, came across few people(exactly speaking SFI leaders), they expected him to move aside, but he didnt. They slapped on his face.
As a straight forward village boy with boldness, he couldn't bear that. He slapped the (SFI)leader back..!

It was a shocking incident for them. To slap an SFI leader in SN college, one need to be an extra courageous.

The SFI leaders soon got tied with him, and Made him their "GUNDa..."

He spent the days & nights in party office in polayathodu. There was a lodge near SN college(I forgot its name). I have seen lots of 'swords' stored below the beds. Paul himself used to move with a sword in his back.

He was brain washed completely, he was a dedicated soldier( ചാവേര്‍). He used to say the politrics inside politics, which involve TJ anjalose, MA Baby, Gurudasan etc which i dont exactly remember what was. Our present MP was no where in that picture.

I hate discussing politics, but I can not say anything on Paul without politics.

I will continue the remaining interesting stories of this Gunda...

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