John Jacobs of Merrimack, NH (1731-1822)

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<private> Jacobs
5/30/2011 at 1:42 PM

I've been searching about 40 years for the parents of my 4th great-grandfather, John Jacobs of Merrimack, NH (1731-1822). There is circumstantial evidence that he may be the John Jacobs born in 1731 in Rehoboth, MA, a descendant of Nicholas Jacob of Hingham, MA (and Hingham, England). If any of you share an interest in this search, please respond and we can go further into the details. Some people are treating this connection as solid, however I have yet been given sufficient evidence to make that conclusion. I'm hoping it is out there somewhere!

<private> Baldwin
5/30/2011 at 4:17 PM
<private> Baldwin
5/30/2011 at 4:30 PM
<private> Jacobs
5/30/2011 at 4:57 PM

Yes, I have all of that information. My father is Clarence W. Jacobs (now 92 and not actively researching); he and I were the source of all of the information in the first link and we are familiar with the information in the second link; that is the John Jacobs that we have some circumstantial evidence for. The tombstone in Chester, VT says "died Jan 2 1822 AE 90". We have been uncertain if that meant he was already 90 (hence born in 1731) or was 89 (in his 90th year... and not yet 90), such that he was born in 1732 like John of Rehoboth.

Other evidence are 1) John of Rehoboth had a brother Allyn Jacobs, whose name appears in land records in the area of Merrimack, 2) John of Merrimack's land was part of a Narragansett Land Grant from King Phillips War that was granted to the heirs of a John Jacobs in the Nicholas Jacob family (though land records don't indicate a direct transfer to our John), 3) our John was a Blacksmith and there was an Iron Forge around Rehoboth that was shut down in the timeframe he showed up in Merrimack (1758-59), 4) John of Rehoboth's father died and his mother remarried in the same timeframe ours showed up in Merrimack. First-names used in the family seem similar to those used in the Nicholas Jacobs family. This information does not constitute a strong link... hence, we are still searching. Thanks for your efforts to help! Do you have ties to John of Merrimack?

<private> Baldwin
5/30/2011 at 5:54 PM

Not that I know of...just saw Merrimack NH and thought I'd take a look since I AM in NH and Merrimmack not that far away. Will print your data and probably going to State Library this week for my own wont be any bother to see if there is anything in Merrimack records..if so, I will note the source and copy what I can to send to you. (and my cousin is head genealogist there so no prob in asking).

Tombstones are usually accurate and if it said he was 90 he must have been born 1731....(they didn't usally mess that up.)

<private> Baldwin
5/30/2011 at 6:29 PM

Allyn Jacobs b 7/10/1728 Hingham, Mass. Parents John Jacob and Marcy.

Allen Jacob m. 7./10/1746 in Rehoboth Mass. to Mary Peck.

Any of that sound possible..There is no further info on either.

(town clerks usually entered names according to the sound unless told otherwise....that's why I looked under Allen.)

PECK is a name connected to my family by marriage...I can ask a collaborator that is closer to the Peck side.

<private> Baldwin
5/30/2011 at 6:34 PM

On an Allyn Jacobs...seems to match the one I found

<private> Baldwin
5/30/2011 at 6:39 PM

There is an Allyn and multiple Johns..This seems the most likely BUT no ref. to NH at all.

<private> Baldwin
5/31/2011 at 5:20 AM

Someone who might be able to help.

Found the death certif of John Jacobs from Chester Vt. A true attest copy that says almost nothing. Re-states the death on Jan 2,1822 at age 90...his name and cemetery location. Copy made Nov 1935. Found at LDS family search records.

<private> Baldwin
6/1/2011 at 12:32 PM

If we dont get blown away today, will prob go to State Library tomor or Fri....
One final question Merrimack COUNTY? or Merrimack, the town?

<private> Jacobs
6/2/2011 at 2:11 AM

The town of Merrimack in Hillsborough County. We've gone through the town records a couple of times and found all of the birth records of his children and when he first appeared there. We checked land records but didn't find any grantee records that indicated where he came from. Thank you very much for trying to help!

<private> Baldwin
6/2/2011 at 8:09 AM

History of Merrimack NH, Merrimack Historical Society, Merrimack NH 1976.
Vol 1.

The Narragansett Township which concerns Merrimack the most is Number 5. On October 17,1733, the Soldier Grantees and the Claimants for Narragansett Number 5 were:

By place from: (i.e. Boston, Roxbury, etc)

Lists soldier grantee claimant

John Jacobs John, son

- - - - - - - - - - -

births recorded:

Jacobs, Daniel, b. Nov 16,1765
Jacobs, David, b. Dec 17. 1769
Jacobs, John, b. Jan. 13,1761
Jacobs, Samuel, b. Oct. 4,1763.

I DIDN"T look at Vol 2 (for the genealogies) since it doesn't look good for THIS John Jacobs to be your John Jacobs....unless you think he could have spent time in Hingham BEFORE coming to Merrimack.

I'll be going back tomorrow for more of my own research so I can look at Vol 2 if you wish...maybe I should anyway so we can eliminate a route...

If I have any bright ideas..the Historical Society is next door to the State Library (tho I'm not a member)..........

<private> Baldwin
6/3/2011 at 7:02 AM

It didn't set up the way I entered it....but John Jacobs, from Hingham, was the soldier grantee and his son, John, was the one who claimed the property on behalf of his father (or for is not clear)....

So my question now is....does your family have any indication that YOUR John Jacobs might have spent time in Hingham...perhaps on the military lists? He could have even have been born in Rehoboth but that the quota for that town was full so, in order to claim any bounty money (the enlistment money) from the government, he might have had to go to Hingham to sign up. That way, he would have been known (for military purposes) as John Jacobs of Hingham.....

<private> Jacobs
6/3/2011 at 8:23 AM

If there is a connection, which is still a big 'if", there are a couple generations between then grant and the possession by John of Rehoboth. I'm thinking there could have been some transfer of the claim to an heir of the estate of the original John of Hingham who was the son of the John who eared the claim in King Phillips war in the late 1600's. We've never found any solid evidence though. it may be just a coincidence that our John bought land that seems to coincide with this land grant to John Jacob of Hingham.

I've joined and found that there is a relative who has a family tree that makes this connection between John of Rehoboth and John of Merrimack. I've sent a query to her to find out what her evidence is but I'm very doubtful that she has anything so lid.

I may not stay with with GENi. I'm still in the trial period and I've already gotten a couple of scam messages on the guestbook. I've unsubscribed to messages from that, but I'm unsure of the security here. Are you signed up on

<private> Baldwin
6/3/2011 at 2:48 PM

No..I'm not on Ancestry...

<private> Baldwin
6/3/2011 at 3:02 PM

You are my 10th cousin tho, through my Sargent side...Mary Williams 1697, Joseph William 1647, Mary Homes, Mary Greene, Samuel Dyer, Dyer Arnold, Barbara Jacobs, John Jacobs 1840 etc.

Have found as many errors on Ancestry (5 in my near vicinity that I told an ancestry friend about) and not saying there aren't errors on Geni...if you collaborate with people that have some connection to you and talk with them you can usually figure things out..

Dont now what scam messages you are talking about but a lot of people want to associate with the 'new kid on the block' ...if you get a message that you reall think is a scam then ask a Curator if it sounds right to them...if not, they can help you report the person.

<private> Baldwin
6/4/2011 at 5:16 AM

't think of it before but reread your last message... I didn't mention it before but there WERE notations beside SOME of the grantee's names there was the notation 'still living'.....there was NO such notation beside John Jacobs, of it could be assumed that John, the claimant; his son, John could have been of any adult age.....and that the elder John was then deceased..

Have you heard anything from the Ancestry lady?

<private> Jacobs
6/5/2011 at 10:45 AM

I got a response from the lady on Ancestry... who is a descendent of my Dad's uncle... but she couldn't give me the supporting evidence off of the top of her head. She's going to look into it further, but I'll be surprised if she has anything.

The original grant was for service in King Phillips war by John Jacob (son of Nicholas) who died in 1693. His son John was the person who would inherit it but he was dead too when the Narragansett grant was made. He had a son Peter, but it was his son John who was "John of Rehoboth". I have no idea how they would disposition a land grant such as this. It seems like it would stay wit the heirs. My John Jacobs of Merrimack bought his land from a William White, with no mention of any land grant. I can't say for sure this was the same land, but I've found no other records. I think need to find the precise description of the land the Jacob family was granted and then see if i can track down the full history of it. to see if it leads to my John Jacobs.... though I doubt all of those records exist. I suspect it would have ended up being handled by their colonial courts. The records may be in Massachusetts or England if they do exist.

<private> Baldwin
6/6/2011 at 5:53 AM

There were entries that said...heirs, grandson, son-in-law, nephew, niece's evidently the 1733 Soldier Grantees and the Claimants for Narragansett Number 5 were in some way connected to the original person that was granted the right to the the time between the person originally granted the land to the land being ceeded over could be quite a few years...up to 30, I'd guess. And there is nothng from what I say that said WHAT service the land was granted to because of...I expect that a number of acres were given for different eras of service
(I don't think I'm saying that clearly....John Jacobs service may have been during King Phillips was while others may have been granted land rights for other noteworthy battles....)

I can look for William White....I guess that once you claimed the land, and the connection was made (no matter how tenuous) that you were free to sell to anyone...especially if you had no desire to move to the wilds of Merrimack to work the land itself.

<private> Baldwin
6/6/2011 at 6:12 AM
<private> Baldwin
6/6/2011 at 6:20 AM
<private> Jacobs
6/6/2011 at 9:54 AM

We found that our John Jacobs bought Lot #102 of Narragansett #5. Apparently there was a David Jacobs who owned Lot #37 of the adjacent "Babusack" Lots in 1734. The description of #102 says its boundary is "by Babusack lots".

I was just looking through my Dad's research and found the following that he got the following from the New Hampshire Historical Society: "The published Bedford history says that Jonathan Smith in 1740 was the original proprietor who was granted lot #102 (also lot 78). The next time I found the land mentioned in deeds was in 1755, when Fergus Kennedy of Bedford bought the land from Jonathan Smith of Needham, Mass. Then in 1764 William White of Bedford sold the land to John Jacobs of Merrimack." That seems to make it less likely that there is a meaningful connection to the John Jacob of Hingham family.

The 1762 Town Records of Merrimack show that our John had "1 cow" and "1 land" and was assessed a tax of 4 pounds and 12 shillings. The land he bought from William White was in 1764. We've never found a record of how he got this original land in 1762. Maybe that's a better path to go down... though we've been through land records at the LDS library in Salt Lake City, so I don't know what other land records might exist for that area.

<private> Jacobs
6/6/2011 at 10:40 AM

Actually, one thing that would probably be useful is to ask the NHHS whether or not there are any records showing, for each lot in Narragansett, who actually claimed the land in the name of the original grantee. Knowing John of Hingham's heirs did not claim #102 would bring some closure. It would also be good to know the history of lot #37 of the Babusack lots to see if David Jacobs had any connection.

<private> Baldwin
6/6/2011 at 6:53 PM

Baboosic .....I uess Babusack could ave been a phonetic spelling...

So we are looking for the lot 102 and 37.....

Were they part of the same claim batch??......

We are talking Manchester/Merrimack/Bedford area now....but I do approve of going in the back door...have found many things by taking other than the direct route...

Good thinking.

<private> Baldwin
6/7/2011 at 7:55 AM

This is the 1st site that appears to have a list of the soldier grantees.

<private> Baldwin
6/7/2011 at 8:16 AM

Number 4 and No 5 seemed to have been in flux.

Narrowing the search to finding the lot info

<private> Jacobs
6/8/2011 at 9:19 AM

Yes, the last paragraph of the last link makes it sound like they were laying out the town without much concern for the land grants and that there were no records to help sort it out... not encouraging.

To answer your other question above, I believe that #37 was in the neighboring batch of grants ("Babusack").

<private> Jacobs
6/8/2011 at 9:21 AM

... although i wonder if the same was true for Narragansett #5 (the last seems to be referring to #4). It seems likely.

<private> Baldwin
6/8/2011 at 12:25 PM

Baboosic Lake and the Baboosic Mills were very well known in the Manchester,Merrimack,Goffstown,Bedford area. The boundaries seemed to fluxuate regarding No. 4 and No.5....and the whole process seemed to be very unorganized, with a lot of the decisions being made in Boston etc..

Do you have any more info on the Chester Vt situation...might want to try working down, instead of laterally from the soldier's claims to the Merrimack land.....unless you have more info that is trackable in Merrimack..

<private> Jacobs
6/9/2011 at 10:56 AM

I'm not sure what you mean by the Chester Vt "situation'.... are you talking about the date of death on the tombstone? On that, I'm pretty sure that a strict interpretation would say that John Jacobs of Rehoboth would have been 89 when he died and my John in Merrimack was 90 when he died. There is always the chance that they 'rounded up', simply subtracted 1722 from 1822 (disregarding months), or were trying to say that he was IN is 90th year of life (just as we were in the 20th century when we were in the 1900's). I don't think there is anything more I can do with that.

I think the best I can do now is to continue to search for relevant information to build the amount of circumstantial evidence I have. For instance, John of Merrimack was a blacksmith; if I could find that John of Rehoboth was a blacksmith, that would help.

I know that the father of John of Rehoboth died in the 1750's because his wife Mercy remarried. There was a John Jacobs and a John Jacobs, Jr. living in the Rehoboth area in the late 1750's. That has always bothered me and I consider that one other thing I need to do... get evidence that shows their relationship (or lack of it) to the John Jacob b.1732... a process of elimination.

This is a very difficult problem and I think the odds are that I will never have any conclusive evidence of the parentage of John of Merrimack. I think that most of the work I need to do in the future is probably in the area of Rehoboth. The person I connected with on Ancestry is going on a "genealogy trip" that will include New England later this year. She will probably stop by Rehoboth and see what she can find in the way of gravestones and unpublished records.

I don't see that there is anything more that you can easily do in the Merrimack area, but thanks for trying! Please keep your eyes open for the Jacobs name and if you ever stumble across anything, let me know.

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