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Letter from William L. "Bill" Poland of Rochester Michigan to Letha Trebbe of Wichita, Kansas Dated: March 14,1998

Dear Letha:
I've had time now to look over one part of your ancestral
notes and to compare them with those I have gathered on William
Let me start with the William Poland that commenced
service on July 29,1813 for the war of 1812 (your #1454). His
service record and related pension papers that you provided me
came from Mary Reynolds.
He joined Keys' Regiment of the Ohio Militia in 1813, and
we can conclude he was living in Ohio at the time.
On March 4, 1816 he stated in written testimony that he
was a resident of Highstown, Ohio. He signed this letter
with his "X" indicating he could not write.
On November 20, 1850, he filed a claim for bounty land for
his 1812 service, stating he was discharged at Franklin
Ohio. He states he is 62 years old and is a resident of
Marion County, Indiana. (He was born, by this testimony, in
1788) .
On April 07, 1855 he filed papers from Marion County, Indiana
repeating his request for his bounty land. He states he is
66 years old. (Born 1789). He again signs with an "X".
On April 27, 1857 further correspondence from the
Commissioner of Pensions shows that William died on 16
January, 1856, and that William left no widow, (she having
died before he died). Further that Martin Poland was of
age 22 on 11 April 1857, (born 1835), and that he is the
only surviving child of William. Martin Poland signed his
name, and was granted 120 A. because of his father's
A Henry Poland also signed the testimony stating he has no
interest in the claim.
On July 5 1858 in Marion County, Indiana, Samuel McCreary
deponds that William married Mary Swadley on about 15
February 1810, in Highland County, Ohio, and she died on
about April 22,1855. Further that Martin Poland was the
acknowledged issue of their marriage.
Now for William Poland, Brother of my GGrandfather, Gisbert
Longstreet Poland, and son of John Poland (B1754) and his wife
Sarah Smock Bennet Poland (B1768). John and Sarah were married
in Dover Township, Monmouth County, NJ on 09 October 1785, this
fact deponded by Richard Longstreet in 1838. The information
here comes from Rev. War records, marriage records, census
reports, and William's Will and death certificate.
He was born 25 Feb, 1792 in Monmouth County NJ.
He married Hannah Wilson (she born 1793) on 16 June 1808
in the Cheesequakes Baptist Church is Middlesex County NJ.
William and Hannah had four children, (listed in his will)
Mary Ann, Catherine, Sally Ann and John. Sally Ann married
Chester Embly and had a daughter Hannah P. Embly who was
raised by the William and Hannah.
The family is listed in US census reports between 1830 and
1860 as living in East Windsor NJ.
William died on August 16, 1876 in East Windsor, Mercer
County, NJ and according to his death certificate he was
84 years old (born 1792).
William signed his name to a deposition in 1834 and to his
Will in 1874, showing he could write. He was a well to do
farmer owning several houses where his children lived, and
his estate at death was worth over $10,000.
Hannah died on December 16, 1880 in her 87th year. She is
buried in the Highstown Cemetery, Highstown, NJ.
8ased on the above information on these two William
Polands, it is clear they are two different people, and there is
no evidence that they are closely related. These highlight facts
come directly from basic documents, and do not include the
conclusions of others who have searced this question, so I am
comfortable the conclusion is right.
The basic documents you provided here have been invaluable
Letha, and if you have any more, I hope you will share them with
I am most interested at this point in the parents of John
Poland (81754) (your #374) and his ancestors. You mention in
your letter that Stephen's (your # 006) record is shown in a
family bible, last copied by David Granville (#425). Do you have
a copy of this bible record, or do you know how I can get in
touch with David Granville or any of his relatives?
The information on Stephen (#006) and his brother Peter
(#002) landing from Germany in Phila. Pa. in 1750 is also of
great interest to me. Do you know the basic source of this
information, and do you have a copy of any of this? If so, I
would be most appreciative if you would share it with me.
Well Letha, this has gotten rather lengthy, but I hope
there is some clarification here for you. I appreciate your
letters and hope to hear from you on some of the above. Your
basic material has been most useful and interesting to me.
My very best regards,
Yours truly,
Bill Poland
Enclosed; copy of William Poland's death certificate.

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