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angeline boulay was born 1799 st anne des plaines, teerrebonne co. quebec, canada to jacques boley & marie louise villiot
jacques boley & marie louise villiot were married 1788 st anne des plaines terrebonne co., quebec, canada. marie louise villiot was the daugher of sebastien villiot & marie louise truchon-leveillemarried 01-10-1762 lanoraie, comte de berthier, quebec, canada
jacques boley & marie louide villiot chlidern were
marie louise boley
born 1788 st anne des plaines, teerebonn CO., QUEBEC, CANADA
charlotte boley
born 1793 st anne des plaine, teerebonne co., quebec, canada
death spring of 1842 in a tragtic death along with spouse jonn leckinger 1814 montreal, quebec, canada. jacob wertz took there two youngest childern & raised them
jean baptiste boley
born1796 anne des plaines

i have more on these families but i'm too tired to go on
louiseboley 1797 st annae plaine
angelque boley
born 1799 st anne des plaines ;
ursule boley
born 1801 st anne des plains
antonine boley born st anne des plainesursule boley
born st anne des plaines, quebec, canada

jean baptiste boley

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