Structuring the New Amsterdam project

Started by George J. Homs on Monday, June 6, 2011


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6/6/2011 at 8:09 AM

Hey all.
Just Swanstrom pointed me to the Mormon Pioneers project - and I like a lot the approach.
By ploughing through New Amsterdam related material, I realize that there are many angles. We have an opportunity here to pull together a massive repository for Northern American genealogy. However, we need a good and flexible structure - with a master project and consistently-named subprojects.
Let me have a go at it to give it a basic shape, but let's have an ongoing discussion on how we can make (and keep) this truly compelling.
I think the real scope is 'New Netherland' - but I think that New Amsterdam remains the best choice as something that symbolizes well the Dutch settlements. However, I think we need subprojects that cover the other settlement centers in New Netherland.
I have already provided a list of such settlements. In that context, we also need to analyze the 'patroonships'. I have found sources where the ownerships and roles in the patroonships and settlements are identified to people - which is excellent material for genealogy.
Anyway, a lot to do. Please feel free to add and modify and improve anything you want.
Last but not least, a simple scrutiny of Geni profiles shows that there are loads of duplicates and errors. Perhaps this project can lend a helping hand :-)

6/9/2011 at 5:23 PM

Way to go George!

6/12/2011 at 7:27 AM

Hi George

I just found a terrific resource for the "other" New Netherlands settlements and wonder if you wanted to go ahead making subprojects?

I might road trip on up to Kingston NY in particular.

6/12/2011 at 7:59 AM

Hey Erica!
Would you like to taken 'ownership' for the Territorial Development page? My first go at it was just a quick one. For instance, the patroon system has to be explained in a few words. It has its interest, because the 'patroons' were invented in order to keep te settlers (lots of them just wanted to go back to Holland once they got rich :-) ). Hence, under the patroons, land was given to people, which means there are records.
Anyways, a lot can be done with that page.
Also, an inventory of the forts is appropriate as well, etc etc etc etc :-)

6/12/2011 at 8:08 AM

As I learn it, sure George! But it's all actually new news to me -- 3rd grade and "the Your City!" learning module in Social Studies being quite a long time ago ...

Might be slightly fresher in young Kwame's mind. <snicker>

6/12/2011 at 8:48 AM

Haha, Erica. I got the Dutch history in 4th and 5th grades. We took trips to various museums and buildings that had been built in New Netherland times.

6/12/2011 at 9:47 AM

Schools in the Bronx better than Manhattan? Tell me it's not so ... or it's just my memory being worse ...

So. Where did you go in 4th / 5th grade I should go visit now?

6/12/2011 at 10:29 AM

Hey, do you think that ANY school in the world could tell us about 'patroonships'? I'm not even sure many college professors would know what we're talking about LOL

6/12/2011 at 12:28 PM

I went to P.S. 91 and P.S. 85. We went to various parts of Manhattan, and even sleepy hollow.

Look up Dutch architecture.

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6/13/2011 at 4:52 AM

Hey you all, here a link about the patron systems very well explained but in Dutch. I hope Gogle can translate otherwise I have to crack (is this kraken George? :-) ) my brains and try to translate it in a short version

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