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Private User
6/8/2011 at 8:27 AM

This Reuben is NOT the son of William and Elizabeth Tinsley. He is the son of John and Mary Tinsley. Not sure how to change this in the tree.

6/8/2011 at 10:04 AM


First just to let you know that there is a special thread to ask for help here

can you post the links to the correct parents

Have you tried contacting the other managers of the profile to discussed this with them?


6/8/2011 at 10:09 AM

from a quick online search I've noticed that there is a conflict regarding the correct parents of Reuben so my advice is to first contact the other managers about it . you can add a note about this in the "about me/overview " tab in Reuben's profile

6/9/2011 at 6:30 AM

My information agrees with that of Reed's. Our Reuben should be the son of William and Elizabeth (Tinsley) Pendleton.

Private User
6/10/2011 at 4:00 PM

Never mind. My brother, Don, took care of the mixup.

Private User
6/11/2011 at 8:55 PM

Thank you for the URL to the discussion threads, I'll take a look at it. Right now, I'll rebuild the tree from what documents I have and make that available to those interested. Mergers can be quite complicated. :-)

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