What's happening with the entries of abandone managers?

Started by Georges M Teitler on Sunday, June 12, 2011


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6/12/2011 at 10:11 AM

Since months I complain to the GENI management that people have entered 'relatives' as 'privat'e entries and then walked away from GENI leaving uncounted requests for mergers unanswered. But I could as well have asked the president of North Korea instead of the GENI management. The result is the same! Take an example: Key in under' Search People' just 'Durlacher'. You get 477 persons with that family name. In the first 3 out of 24 pages, there are 20 entries by a Mirav Flora Gilai. She joined in July 2008 and entered hundreds of names within a 24 hour period and then never logged in again! (When last login was still shown, this became apparent [maybe that's the reason why last login has been deleted now!]). If she listed 20 Durlachers on the first 3 pages, by the law of averages, she listed 160 Durlachers in all - all as 'private' without a chance to add birth and death dates, without a chance to add photographs (all of which I have), without making corrections (because in her haset to list so many people, she made mistakes). So where do we go? NOWHERE!! Because nobody has been able to trace this lady down (she apparently goes now under the name of Mirav Flora Shtejnman) and GENI is not doing anything about it. She has been reported as 'abandoned' numerous times (but then I don't seem to understand anymore what the purpose is of reporting people as abandoned? Nor do I understand how one can now report people as abandoned if the last login is not shown anymore?) The whole system is such a mess and GENI management has gone on a permanent holiday that it is not worthwhile anymore to enter more people. Does anyone have a remedey about it? Does anyone have connections to Israel's Mossad to trace this woman down?

6/12/2011 at 11:32 AM

Georges, if a user has abandoned their tree, the profiles within their Family Group -- those most closely related to them -- still cannot be made public for privacy reasons. It is still possible that the user will come back at some point, or that family members they invited will join. I know that I personally would never want my Family Group profiles to ever be made public, and most users feel the same way.

Outside of the Family Group, any secondary managers listed on the user's profiles can become manager -- but that only can happen if the user who has abandoned their tree was collaborating on their private profiles. It looks like both her mother and her husband are Geni users -- have you tried contacting them to ask if they can help you merge the profiles?

So even though you have reported the tree as abandoned, Geni cannot automatically give you access to those profiles. It's not that you're being ignored; it's that Geni respects the privacy of its users so much that it can't give you access to someone's private information.

Georges M Teitler,
I suggest you contact Natalie FOCHS. She is an active Geni user, and now manages some of the 518 profiles that Private User added.

A number of the Durlacher profiles that Merav added are public, so it SHOULD be possible to merge the two trees together. If you want, feel free to send me a message, so I can further assist.

Private User
6/12/2011 at 4:42 PM

This may be what Shmuel has in mind. For example, you have a pending merge on Samuel Durlacher

Though the profile on the other side is private, both profiles for Samuel have PUBLIC parents managed by Natalie FOCHS. So they could be merged, and once you have a few merges completed like that, Geni may recognise the family connections you have and give you access to others because of your family connections.

Good luck

6/13/2011 at 1:10 AM

To Ashley Odell: If you werereferring to living relatives, I would appreciate your viewpoint. But the 518 entries (!, as entioned by Shmuel) of Mirav Flora Gilai are ALL people who aredead well over 100 years! In fact they all lived in the time dslot 1800-1900. So, what's there to protect?

You say "I would never want my family group to be public". If everyone had that attitude, what happens then in Geni? Everybody has his little cache of relatives and nobody ever finds out anything. You know, my forte is to list people who lived and died in Germany well before World War II so that living people (mainly in the US) can find their ancestors. If I were to mark my 5'000 entires and thus just keep them to my own, it wold definitely waste my effforts and jeopardize my aim.

To Shmuel: You say a 'number' of entries of Mirav ate public. So far, in well over one year, I have not come across one! Go to 'Durlacher' which lists over 24 pages. In the first three you find 20 persons listed by this Mirav AND NOT ONE IS PUBLIC! I have contacted member of her family to no avail, I have contacted epople who have listed members of her family: to no avail. I don't know what's wrong with Israelis in Geni!

Let me also say that I feel the Americans get paranoid about identiy theft! To say that listing someone's last login is dangerous for privacy reasons, is to see an enemy behind every tree! It's just like this nucelar power station mania now world wide: How many people have benefited for the last 25 years from atomic power and how many people have died from it? Compare this to how many people get killed yearly by motor vehicle accidents? We should abandon all cars long before we abandon nuclear power if that were the rationale!

6/13/2011 at 6:06 AM

Georges, perhaps I wasn't clear enough when discussing living relatives. I am indeed referring to living relatives you can contact. Private User has two living relatives connected to her profile: Private User and Private User. There is nothing stopping you from messaging each of them to ask if they'd be willing to help you merge the profiles. If you've already done that and they've declined, that's unfortunate, but you do have that option.

I don't think it's just Americans concerned about privacy, nor does it really have anything to do with identity theft. Most of my family are not American and they're the ones who fight me the most on making Family Group profiles public. It has a lot more to do with not wanting information on young children to be public, or not wanting addresses to be public, or not wanting employers or students or whomever to be able to watch when you're on-line, or sensitivity in cases where the deceased might have a disputed will, or god knows what else. Do I want an ex-in-law to be able to see where my relative is living when there's a restraining order in place? No, I don't. Geni is explicitly designed for those immediate profiles to be private, so supporting the current system is not to misunderstand Geni at all. The number of private profiles in the average Family Group is very small and does not impact most users in terms of shared ancestors. I do searches on a regular basis and I've found only three Geni users outside of my Family Group who could theoretically be merged into my private profiles, and when I've asked each of them if they're interested, they've all said no. For as strongly as you feel about making those profiles public, there are countless Geni users who do *not* want them public. The wishes of all must be weighed.

In the case of those older profiles, the ones you mention from 1800-1900, it looks like (as Shmuel noted) that Geni already has made many public. Perhaps they are not all Durlachers, which seem to be the only ones in which you have interest? I would suggest you be more explicit by pointing Geni directly to those profiles by linking straight to them, rather than telling people to go search for them.

In any case, please refrain from making derogatory ethnic comments ("I don't know what's wrong with Israelis in Geni!"), and please understand that people are just trying to help you.

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