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James G. Faulconer in his book on the Faulconer Family The paper Steve Faulconer wrote is incorrect. In an E-Mail received from James Faulconer recently he informed me that in his book he did show the wife of Nicholas Faulconer II to be Martha Greenhill but it was an error and should be corrected to read Frances Moseley. He also said that the correction had been made in his 2nd book on the Faulconer Family.

Nicholas FAULKNER [Parents] was born about 1732 in , Essex, Va. He died about Sep 1804 in Edetton, Cumberland, Va. Nicholas married Martha GREENHILL about 1765 in , of Cumberland, Va.
Served as Road Reviewer, Patroller, and Constable during Revolutionary War
Gave a bed to Jemima Hughes in will. A Jemima Hughes, wife of John Hughes, was a legatee in a very extended lawsuit involving estate of John Sampson whose will was dated 18 June 1778. The lawsuits continued until at least 1834. Built a dam and mill on Little Groom Quarter Creek in 1797 (Court order Book 20;Page 36) Will from WB 3;pages 259-260
When Thomas Faulconer and His Descendants was published, it was believed that Nicholas Faulconer II of Essex County was married to Martha Greenhill. This notion was also accepted by the D.A.R. However, subsequent research shows that there were two Nicholas Faulconers, first cousins. There was a Nicholas II, son of Nicholas I of Essex County, who died in 1789. Also there was a Nicholas who married Martha Greenhill and who moved to Cumberland County. Here is an abstract of the evidence:
Martha Faulconer, wife of Nicholas Faulkner of Cumberland County, relinquishes her right of Dower to land sold by her husband to John Oneal of King & Queen County, St. Stephens parish. Land formerly owned by Mary Byram of Essex County; 100 acres that ajoin the land of Benjamin Waggener, Robert Paine and Elexander Smith. This Nicholas Faulconer was located in the parish of Edetton, Cumberland County. Deed written on November 18, 1777, and recorded on Decem-ber 15, 1777. Witnesses: Nathan Waggener, Benjamin Waggener and Amby Armstrong (female). (Essex Co. D.B. 31, p. 364)
Ambrose Greenhill of Essex County wrote his will on April 12, 1790. He said, "I lend to my sister Martha Faulconer
my woman named Charlotte and a boy named Dixon; at her
decease, I give said Charlotte and boy Dixon to her son
Nicholas and to his heirs." Ambrose changed his mind,
however, and on August 24, 1 7 9 0 , he added a codicil to his will: "Boy named Dixon lent to sister Martha Faulconer, revoked." (WB 15, p. 188) The reason was not given. The will and indenture establishes that Martha Greenhill was married to a Nicholas Faulconer.
Who, then, is this Nicholas Faulconer, and how does he
relate to the others? Francis Dreisbach researched this,
and concluded that David Faulconer, son of Nicholas and ?
Newton Faulconer, married Mary Bryom, daughter of Peter and Mary Nightingale Byrom about 1730. Essex County Deed Book 12, page 178, mentioned Peter Byrom and Mary, his wife, she being the late Mary Nightingale, the executrix of John Nightingale. This record was dated February 9, 1705/6. Peter Byrom later died, and his will was proved on February 16, 1719. (WB 3, pp. 131-3) He left his estate to his wife Mary; his son, John; and his daughters, Francis, Sarah, Elinor, Elizabeth and Mary. Executors were William Greenhill, and Mary, wife of the deceased. Mary Nightingale Byrom, then married Garritt Fitzsimmons. Order Book 6, page 39 says the following, that at a Court of Essex County held 20th day of January 1724, William Winston & Jane Gording, executors of William Gording's estate Vs. Garritt Fitzsimmons & Mary, his wife, the executors of Peter Byrom, decld for counter security ... it is ordered that Thomas Davis, William Greenhill & William Browne set apart this security.

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