Hjørrings of Skagen and Nibe. etc.

Started by Peter Victor on Monday, June 13, 2011


6/13/2011 at 3:17 PM

I am trying to find more on the Hjørring's of Skagen Hjørring county mainly because of the name only .
So far There back as far
A 'Jens Hjørring ' b. Unknown his wife 'Nicoline Hoversen' b.23rd May 1813 married May 6, 1847 A son also Jens Hjørring b,January 24, 1848 Jens 1848 has a daughter Anne Hjørring b.1809 she marries a Anne Hjørring in March 26, 1826To Anders Brems.all of Skagen

.I have more mainly from census an parish records mainly .
My Hjørring family come from Nibe in A;lborg County a Hans Hansen Muule born in Hjørring to COUNTY Denmark in 1735 and appears to have taken on as his surname his birth townI am interested in any other families with this name A RE THERE ANY MORE?? OUT THERE.
You can Our branch are now mainly in Australia, New Zealand ,Sweden,and England. Also I can be contacted at h.hjorring@orcon.co.nz
Yours Peter Hjorring Auckland New Zealand

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