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I’ve just sent this to Sons of Norway in USA and my cusin over there. Saw you reques during a WEB search for an English version, but found none, so I’ve translated it today. Have Fun.

( You most likely click on the link below, as Gmail don’t Paste, but may be on this forum.)

French agreed to check the King-DNA

French government is positive to have investigated whether the Norman King; Rollo is identical with the Norwegian Viking chieftain Rollo.

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The 2 above, I can translate, if you need to. A good tool to use is Google translator, as you only have to make a few adjustments, to get info proper English.

Link Google translation, Norw to English :|en

Article in Aftenposten today 15 june 2011. ( My translation )

The question of kinship is also interesting because Rollo the forefather of the British royal house. Danish historians claim that Rollo is of Danish origin. But if it turns out that Rollo, and Gange-Rolv are the one and same person, and that the British royal succession thus has its origins in western Norway; (Sunnmøre) History must be rewritten.

It has long been known whether the Norwegian and French experts would get permission from the French official quarters to open a crypt in Fécamp in northern France to look for the answer. The purpose is to extract DNA samples of skeletan remains of Rollo's grandson and great-grandson, respectively RikardI and RikardII. Both resting in a sarcophagus under a floor in a Benedictine monastery in the French coastal town northeast of Le Havre.

French enthusiasm

- We consider finally the possibility to be good to find Rollo DNA, and thus have discussed whether he was of Danish or Norwegian origin, "said Sturla Ellingvåg the research foundation Explioco. Together with Professor Per Holck from the Department of Anatomy, Rikshospitalet in Oslo, Ellingvåg recently conducted several interviews with French authorities on the matter.

- We had very positive meetings with the local Town Hall Authorities in Rouen and Fécamp, and felt we were met with enthusiasm from the French side. After the long wait is about to become a great French-Norwegian cooperation project. It is also supported by the Norwegian Embassy in Paris, which was represented at the meetings, said Ellingvåg.

Opening in July?

According to Ellingvåg it’s likely to, after a month-long approval period in France. But the Norwegians have received signals that a response is likely prior to the French start of summer.

- If so, we travel to France in the first half of July. Then the sarcophagus will be opened and the samples being taken in cooperation with several French researchers. If everything goes as planned we will announce the first results of the survey in 1100-year anniversary of Rollo and Scandinavian, the establishment of their own area of Normandy in late September this year, says Ellingvåg.

Viking DNA

The latest DNA technology is used. In principle, one would rather have taken samples directly from Rollo himself, but there are no remains of him is preserved, which can be used to extract DNA. Previously, genetic tests have revealed differences in DNA between Norwegian and Danish Vikings. On this basis it is believed that the samples from Fécamp may clarify the origins. In the years preceding the 1000-year anniversary of the Duchy of Normandy in 1911, there was a fierce battle between the Danish and Norwegian historians on Rollo’s origin. The answer may be we can get now.

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