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Timothy Wilder
6/17/2011 at 7:27 PM

The exact birth and death dates for Mary Bronson are on her tombstone in the Mohawk Villiage Cemetery, in German Flatts, Herkimer, New York.

Birth 10 Nov 1815, and death 12 Sep 1876. She died in Moravia, Cayuga, New York, probably from typhus.

There is circumstantial evidence that her father was the Dutch Reformed minister in Warren, New York arount the time that Mary met and married Abram House.

Their census records are:
1850: New York, Herkimer, Columbia, p. 115 ; 59, 62 Abram House, age 37, Farmer; Mary, age 34; Alonzo, age 16; Abraham, age 14; Marietta, age 12; Asael, age 9; Cordelia, age 5; Nancy, age 1
1860: New York, Herkimer, Columbia; Abraham House, age 48, farmer; Mary,age 45; Alonzo, age 35, farm laborer; Mary Ett, age 21, teaching school; Francie, age 15; Nancy, age 11; Clarry, age 8; Seward, age 4
1870: New York, Cayuga, Moravia; Abram House, age 57, Farmer; Mary, age 54; Alonzo, age 31; Mary Ette, age 28, School Teacher; Nancy A, age 21; Clara, age 17; Seward M, age 14; Clara J Smith, age 44;; Clara J. Smith is the sister Mary Bronson House. Clara Smith later lived at French Creek, West Virginia with her brother and died and was buried there.

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