William Delner "Shep" Shepherd

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6/18/2011 at 6:41 PM

My husband's dad recently died. He has a desire to locate his two half brothers also named William Alan Shepherd. Details are very sketchy. He was married multiple times before he married my husband's mother. He lived in Nc and Ohio and also WV. He was welder and in the Army during Vietnam. One of his son's was in the Army and had a son. In the 80s William ran into one of his son's mother and he signed papers or agreed to let him have his last name. I asked my husbands mother and she doesnt know the woman's name. Everything was very secret. He was never married to this woman. If anyone reads this and you know this man please message me.

Private User,
your best bet is to make your father inlaw's profile public, put as much information as you have in it, and then "tag" it in this discussion so people will know who you refer to. See Tagging under ==> http://wiki.geni.com/index.php/Glossary#T

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