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The Big Bread Bowl from Norway

Sorlie farm on Kvaefjord Harstad Norway. Grandpa Ole Anton Olson came to America in 1902. He worked on a farm in Grand View Wisconsin for eight years until he saved enough money to go back to Norway to bring the family of four children and Grandma Martha Marie back to America in 1909. They landed in New York City at Ellis Island. They brought several trunks with them filled with all their belongings. After five weeks ona small ship they took this bowl filled with lefsa and flatbread on a train to Milwaukee. They did not have much to eat.

They took the train to Grand View Wi. and found a home. Grandma was a great cook and took many good dishes for potluck at the Church there. Grandpa Ole was a carpenter and also worked for the railroad. Uncle Magnus was a shoemovaker. Granpa Ole died when Grand ma Alice was five years old of pnemonia. They lost two childrein in NOrway an dnine children here of various reasons. Some were dead at birth and soem from pneumonia.

One dauighter died from blood poisoning. Grandpa was a happy man and played concertina for and with the family. Granpa Ole died when Grandma Alice was five years old. He made the bread bowl in Norway around 1908. Lots of bread was made in that bowl both in Norway and in America.

Written by Alice's daughter Jean Harriman June 2011.

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