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Started by Suzanne Hansknecht on Sunday, June 19, 2011


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6/19/2011 at 8:50 PM

Recently, I discovered that Charles & Pearl were my mother's grandparents. This came about through the marriage license I discovered showing Floyd William Carpenter was my mother Marjorie Evelyn Carpenter's father. The marriage did not last long and my mother never knew her father.
Floyd and Edgar are the only children I can find that Charlie and Pearl had.; although recently I discovered they were all born in Sheridan, Indiana. The family moved to li Ft Wayne, and in 1920 Floyd met and married my grandmother, Fay Hunsberger/Carpenter.
They married in Kalamazoo, Michigan on Jan. 22, 1920, but did not tell their families until much later. My mother was born Sept 7, 1920 in Wallen, IN. Their marriage license identifies Charles and Pearl J Northam as Floyd's parents. I have traced both Charlie and Pearl's family back several generations or more...but I can find absolutely NOTHING about my grandfather or his family after the 1920 US Census.
My mother always thought she had a little brother that died very young...but why the marriage ended or why my mother never knew her father was the "Big Secret". However, I am equally confused about how the family so thoroughly disappeared after the 1920 census. This Geni posting is the first I have ever linked into and I am familiar with Charlie's siblings listed on the posted tree. So I think we are definitely related. Hopefully some of the family stories will include some of the missing details of Charlie and Pearl's life. Charlie was listed as being a motor car conductor on the census records. Of course family pictures would be greatly appreciated since we have no idea what Floyd Carpenter or his parents looked like.
Hope this finds you and we can work together to sort this out more... Anxiously waiting, Suzanne Childers-Hansknecht

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