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Yesterday as usual I read my Thoughts for Prayer SHALOM which was introduced to me by my new colleague, Miss Nora. Yesterday is the 12th Week in Ordinary Time Gen.12:1-9; Ps.32(33): 12-13,18-19,20,22; Mt. 7:1-5 (Ps Wk IV) extracted from June 2011 publication.
It says, it is a fact that somehow most of us find ourselves making judgements about another person almost everyday in our life. This is something we find difficult to avoid given our different personalities, way of thinking etc. But the issue here is not simply whether we pass judgement on another or not. Rather it also involves the manner in which we do so.

SO, the ideal of course is not to judge ANYONE. But if we truly feel the need to do so then we have to do it responsibly. We have to ask ourselves if we judge merely to CONDEMN and CRITICIZE or TO HELP CORRECT HIMSELF OF HERSELF. Thus, we must not be satisfied at just passing the judgement but also taking the responsibility to help the other to realize his or her mistake. Condemnations and criticisms must give way to fraternal correction.

But any correction done must be carried out with the awareness that we too have our own failures and prejudices. And this will mean we have first to examine and correct ourselves, and also be open to correction by others. Indeed, only through self-correction can fraternal correction be made credible and effective.

"Lord, help me to reach out to others with fraternal love and understanding"

So, guys...do you agree with the above statements. For me, all my life I do believe that we are only a human beings. We tend to make mistakes and mistakes make us grow even better. What do you thing about professional judgements?

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