Lineage of Sultan Tambilawan Ibn Sultan Bayao Maitum of Kudaranggan

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6/23/2011 at 5:58 AM

The wife of Sultan Tambilawan Bayao is Bai Baibanisil - the Bailabi "Princess" of Makaturoganen not Bai Limbang Ibn Annuarrudin as posted. His sons were: Tato "Ande" Fernandez, Datu Mamolintao, Datu Nandang, Datu Sepo, Datu Mantli, Datu Dimalanes, Datu Kanebpel. Datu Sansaluna is not his son but nephew. He is under the lineage of Rajah Muda Ali Bayao, half brother of Sultan Tambilawan. He was known as the great warrior during Spanish and American regime. Datu Guiambangan Bayao known as the great Datu also the half brother of Sultan Tambilawan. Since the prominent grandson of Sultan Tambilawan in the persaon of Sultan Dimasonsang Fernandez was still young before, Datu Mantil Dilangalen had enthroned Datu Midtalicop Sansaluna as Sultan while waiting for the right age of Sultan Dimasonsang Fernandez.. I understand several Sultans had been enthroned but not by blood succession

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