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6/26/2011 at 1:58 PM

This is regarding the burial ground for many of our Philadelphia ancestors, including John Tobias Fisher. Does anyone know what the status of this cemetery? There is no info on this website and since I'm in Chicago it's more difficult for me to go there and ask if they have any documents regarding our great grandfather (my generations). Look on his profile "Media" page and his death certificate is there with this cemetery listed as to where he was buried. There is a good chance that the others such as Mary C. Fisher (nee Gossman) and her parents may be there as well, not to mention John's father Michael. Is there anyone willing to go there to investigate?

Greenwood Cemetery (Knights of Pythias Cemetery)
Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania

Adams Ave & Arrott St
Philadelphia, PA 19124
Ph: 215-533-2967

Lat: 40° 01' 18"N, Lon: 75° 05' 50"W
Contributed by Lynn Grace, Jun 02, 2003, updated Apr 26, 2005 []. Total records = 2,564.

Burials in Greenwood Cemetery are still being accepted, although the ownership wis in question at the present time because of court action. The grounds grass is getting deep now till the court decides on who is running it.

Greenwood Cemetery open in 1869 after being converted from a farm, and covers 43 acres. It is on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places. Benjamin Rush (a signer of the Declaration of Independence) lived on the farm in the late 1700s. The court has appointed Gloria Boyd & Kevin Lynch custodians of the cemetery on a temporary basis. They are in charge of getting the grounds in repair and arranging burials. The decision on a permanent owner will be at a later date. The landscaper is coming in to mow the cemetery, starting Monday 6/23/2003.

I have been in the process of cutting the grass, section by section, and during this process I read and transcribe the headstones in that area. I plan to complete this project as time allows.

A work in progress

I started this transcription the first part of May 2003

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6/26/2011 at 2:05 PM

I did call and leave a message for the cemetery staff. A meeting with the staff there is by appointment only. I did say what I needed if they are willing to look it up. However, we may need for someone to go there to get the rest in person, I'm suspecting.

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6/27/2011 at 3:07 PM

John Tobias Fisher
This is the great grandfather we know is there. Sorry, I thought this was seen by just the people in our tree.
John Tobias Fisher
Mary Catharine Fisher

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6/27/2011 at 4:43 PM

Thank you Tom for providing more info in this link:

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6/28/2011 at 7:25 PM

Here is an email that I received today from Greenwood Cemetery:

Louise Bartnicki,

I found the following information on our database of transcribed lot cards;

Section Division Lot # Loc Last Name First Name Middle Initial or Name Burial Date
S 1 230 C Fisher Marie 1884
S 1 230 C Fisher Michael 1892
S 1 230 L Fisher Charles 1885
S 1 230 L Fisher Ida M 1884
S 1 230 L Fisher John T 1909
S 1 230 R Emery Ellen 1893
S 1 230 R Fisher Emma 1893
S 1 230 R Fisher Fred 1882
Gossman Lousia 5/17/1882 moved to Greenmount Cementery

We (Friends of Greenwood Cemetery) do complete family (all of those listed above) lookups for a $30 contribution. The money goes to refurbishing the old record books, buying archival materials, and saving the cemetery and historical buildings. Lookups include: lot ownership, deceased names of those buried in the lot, date of death, age*, cause of death*, last address*, undertaker*, and misc. notes in an easily readable format. Anything with an '*' by it is only found in the newer Internment Record Book (1880's to present). If the Lot is accessible (some areas of the cemetery are very overgrown) we also provide a digital picture of the grave and any tombstone or marker. We also include a map of the cemetery and lot section which shows location of your lot. All information is then emailed to you.

Please allow 2-3 weeks since we can't make it to cemetery every week.

Please mail a check on money order with your request to:

The Friends of Greenwood Cemetery

P.O. Box 461

Plainsboro, NJ 08536

This address is used because it is convenient to my place of work.

The cemetery website is at .

The Friends of Greenwood Cemetery website is .

I’ve also attached the Friends of Greenwood Cemetery Brochure for added information. Please note membership includes a free family lookup and information.

Have a great day.

Joanne Clare

FOG Director

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