Request to Collaborate from the Descendants of Perpetuo Agoncillo and Fidela Marasigan de Agoncillo of Taal, Batangas (mid to late 1800s, Philippines)

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6/27/2011 at 1:39 PM

Don Perpetuo Agoncillo and Doña Fidela Marasigan de Agoncillo were a prominent couple from Taal, Batangas in the mid to late 1800s. Both hailed from landed families and had eleven children. Don Perpetuo ran a highly successful shipping business during the latter years of the Spanish rule up to the time of the Japanese Occupation in the Philippines.

Their children were: Hospicio, Maura Agoncillo de Frial, Rosario Agoncillo de Calicdan, Vicente Agoncillo, Artemio Agoncillo, Manuel Agoncillo, Pacita Agoncillo, Juanito Agoncillo, Matilda Agoncillo and Antonio Agoncillo.

This is an attempt to bring together the descendants of Perpetuo and Fidela through their 11 children, in addition to the existing family tree and website at

Perpetuo was a close relation of Felipe Agoncillo, the first Filipino Diplomat and husband of Marcela Agoncillo, who sewed the first Philippine Flag. Marcela gave one of her thimbles to Maura Agoncillo. This was donated by one of her daughters to Imelda Marcos. The thimble now sits on display at the Malacanang Museum.

We would like to request a collaboration with other branches of the Agoncillo families of Taal, Batangas and establish our links to all of them. Thank you.

Private User
6/27/2011 at 5:14 PM

"Don Perpetuo ran a highly successful shipping business during the latter years of the Spanish rule up to the time of the Japanese Occupation in the Philippines."

This is great Michael! If you have Don Perpetuo's profile on Geni, we can include it in this project and in the "Filipino Entrepreneurs and Corporate Giants" effort.

While I encourage privacy for LIVING individuals, I do advocate that profiles of deceased ancestors (GPs up) are made PUBLIC. Sharing distant ancestry details would be a great service to other family history researchers on Geni, especially since public resources for Filipino ancestry are hard to come by. I hope I can convince you of the same.

Great luck in your family forest building efforts!

Private User
6/27/2011 at 5:39 PM

Private User I searched the usual on-line resources for "agoncillo" "philippines" "before 1920". I figured some names may look familiar to you.

I also found a record for a Perpetuo Agoncillo Jr. who died in Manila in April 1920 as an infant less than a year old.

Private User
6/28/2011 at 3:58 AM

Thank you Mona, yes, of course, it will be great to have Don Perpetuo Agoncillo y Cabrera profile included in this project, I will also make his profile public, as well as his wife's. Doña Fidela Marasigan de Agoncillo

Thank you, as well for your help in the research.



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