Jacob Jr. born 1719 died 1796???

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6/28/2011 at 4:42 PM

I am researching my genealogy and have a few questions about this particular line. If anyone can help that'd be great.
I know for a fact that Abraham Hostetter (1763-1834) and Anna Hiestand (1769-1841) are for sure my ancestors. But
when I tried to research Abraham's side I got confused.
Research lead me to the Jacob Hochstetter (The one who's family was killed by indians in bernville, 1757). Jacob had a son Jacob Jr. who supposedly died in the attack in 1757.. but then some websites say Jacob Jr. had a son Abraham (The one I know i'm related to). But they say Abraham was born in 1763. How can Jacob Jr. be his father if he was killed by indians in 1757?
Could someone please help me figure out if I have the right line of Hostetters here? lol All this research is frying my brain!

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