Malgorzata Szachagluchowicz or Szachacz

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7/6/2011 at 7:40 PM

The mother's maiden name appearing on 6 out of 8 of baptismal records for Franciszka Zasada's (daughter of Malgorzata) children is "Szachogluchowicz". On the records for Franciszka's last two children viewed-to-date, the maiden name is "Szachacz." I believe that c1847 the family shortened the name (formally or not) to "Szachacz."

Furthermore, includes a reference to a record of death for "Malgorzata Szachacz" (died 1848, Kruszyn Parish (Akt 37)). I have not seen the actual record yet, but I believe it may be for "Malgorzata Szachogluchowicz".

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