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I'm wondering if anybody has done some genealogical research on the Mettegang or Grunenberg families( both from Germany). My ancestors were Johann Heinrich Mettegang and Adolf Friedrich Grunenberg. Johann Heinrich was born in Bochum,Germany(former Westphalia). He emigrated to Malmo in Sweden at some time during the late 17th century. Once there he became a merchant. He also had a brother Ditmar who did the same. In 1723 the magistrate's court in Malmo recieved a letter from its equivalent in Bochum. It said that his family in Sweden were entitled to inherit his mother and brother. It would be interesting to know something more about his background.

What do I know about Adolf Friedrich Grunenberg?
He was born in Luneburg,Germany and went into Dutch military service. He then went into Swedish service and came to the town of Ystad,Sweden where he married Margareta Elisabeth Mettegang. He later went into first Hungarian,then Mecklenburgian. In Sweden he rose to the rank of captain but it would be interesting if anyone has got some more information about his background. Who his parents were,when he was born etc. I've heard that there's a Grunenberg family in Germany and there was a medieval Swiss baron with the family name. Could he be related to any of these?

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