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Started by George J. Homs on Thursday, July 14, 2011


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7/14/2011 at 11:21 AM

Hello all !
We're 2 months into the New Amsterdam project now. What a ride! I think we've been close to 50 people who have been working together to identify how New Amsterdam was born and built. The result is close to 1,200 identified New Amsterdam immigrants, and well over 5,000 profile merges.
Have in mind that, in 1650, New Amsterdam had about 1,000 inhabitants. It means that, with 1,200 identified immigrants (who had children), we're getting an excellent view on early life in the Big Apple!
This project is not over - far from it. The New Amsterdam story is relevant for millions of Americans today, and for so many relatives in the 'Old Continent' who have no clue that they're related.
So, we're going to do a few things.
A first thing...
Our New Amsterdam immigrants deserve an 'identity'. They should be noticed. Hence, we need a logo. Some of them have one - a family crest or a beautiful picture of a map or a neighbourhood. For all the others, let's create a typical logo.
We'll come up with a choice this Saturday, July 16th. In true Dutch style, there will be a vote. And, when we're all happy with it, we'll start giving our New Amsterdam immigrants a unique visual identifier.
Hence, look out for the vote on Saturday!
The second thing...
We need to foster strong collaboration on this project. Everyone's free to collaborate or not. But, if you're passionate about this topic, then we need to structure our work.
Next week, we'll come up with a few ideas that will require active involvement in the management of the New Amsterdam lines. This is not an easy challenge. But, again, this work will have an impact on the family tree of millions - so let's try and do this.
I know the enthusiasm is there, otherwise we wouldn't have achieved what we have over the past two months.
Soooooooooo.... watch out for the contest on Saturday!!!

P.S.: sorry if you have to see this message a few times. I'm posting it across all the New Amsterdam project pages :-)

7/14/2011 at 10:58 PM

George, I'm so excited that you started this project! Two things, I have to mention: firstly, I manage a music group; we have two shows on Saturday. Secondly, I've started working on an Ashanti project. I am descended from the Ashantis of Ghana. I'm piecing all of my research (old and new together). I had heard that many of the early Black descendants of New Amsterdam and New York were Ashantis.

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10/24/2011 at 3:58 AM

How about the LO~GO Sjors, did It meet your expectations and do you advice to use this tool to other migration projects too?

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10/24/2011 at 4:01 AM

Kwame: where is to find your Ashanti GHANA project? I couldn't find it… on geni, didn't look at wikipedia or other routes on internet yet.

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