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And so, like Adam and Noah, Terah also has three children with the promised child not the firstborn. And this pattern continues throughout the bible, for it is not the firstborn that gets the blessing, but it is the promised child, not as of man in the normal way, but by the mercy of God. Not of works lest any man should boast.

Shalom “Exilarch” HIM Crowned (Anointed) Prince Corey Falls of Lake Desposyni U.E. (Grail keeper),
I only saw this now because you didn't tag either of the relevant profiles: Adam of Eden and Patriarch Abraham / אברהם אבינו.

Presently the "dates" on the Biblical Tree can be entirely ignored. There are way too many merges going on in this tree, to be able to maintain correct date information.

It seems that entering the tree of Adam is the perennial favorite for duplicates. Yesterday I got the number of public "Adam" profiles down to TWO, but another 30+ remain that are PRIVATE due to people claiming to be various Biblical people. I have reported this latest batch to Customer-Service. We shall see what develops. I would REALLY like to be done with the constant merging and move on to adding actual data.

But yes, the Biblical chronology DOES work out to Abraham being born in the year 1948 from Creation (which is how the Jewish calendar counts the years, presently a month away from 5772). If we're talking about the synchronicity of 1948, in 7 years will be the 1948th anniversary since the destruction of the Second Temple [of Jerusalem]...

Great! Thanks for your reply. (and the tip about tags) The PRIVATE due to people claiming to be various Biblical people, really is lame because all this is for public knowledge so anyone can see the truth but hiding the truth seems to be par for the course.

9/3/2011 at 1:35 AM


Interresting litterature about "entering the tree of Adam ":


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