Jacob Spangler Birth and Family

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8/2/2011 at 4:44 PM

There appear to be uncertainties or discrepancies concerning Jacob Spengler.

1. In Edward Spengler's 1898 book on the York Co. Spanglers he makes it clear that this Jacob Spengler was not the son of Hans Rudolph Spengler of Weiler.
2. In his 5 Feb.1756 Berks Co. will, Jacob Spengler refers to his "only son", George Christopher, his son's mother, Elisabeth and his grandaughter, Elisabeth Wix of his deceased daughter. There is no indication that he had any other children or a second wife, Sophia.

I have found these same asserations on other web sites, but I have never found any original source records to support the assertions. I would appreciate if anyone can provide such original supporting evidence such as birth, marriage or other church records.

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8/8/2011 at 9:09 AM

Additional Information:

Schiegel's book, which is one of the referneced sources, makes it clear that Jacob Spangler, son of Hans Rudolph, went to Poland and Prussia and died there. This genealogy is a TOTAL MESS and mixes two entirely different Jacob Spenglers.

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