Wojciech Wojtowicz from Rabka (Slone), Poland

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8/6/2011 at 10:54 AM

I'm looking for family, descendants of Wojciech Wójtowicz (may be known as Adalbert or George).
Wojciech came from Slonne, a village near Rabka. Slonne (the name was shortened to Slone) is now a part of town Rabka (Malopolska province).
As it is clear from old documents, in 1905 Wojciech sold what he inherited from his father John and after that moved to the U.S. In Poland stayed Wojciech's brother Ludwik (Louis) and his sister-in-law Rozalia (Rosalie).
In the U.S. Wojciech got married and had a son. The woman he married was a widow and also had a son from the first marriage. The names of his wife and sons are unknown.
From family stories I know that Wojciech worked in a factory, and he died because of health problems. Unfortunately I do not know the name of that factory and place they lived. I don't know any dates either.
Many years ago the contact was lost, I found only a few photos, see the link below...

If anyone knows people shown in those photos, or has any information about them, please contact me!

sunset_station (at) live.com

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