Parents and place of birth for Clara

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Mary Clara was born in Qvistrum to Nils Nilsson and Anna Britta Andersdotter.

Nils was born 11 Feb 1790 in Yxnerum, Östergötland, SE to Nils Christiansson and Anna Pehrsdotter.
Nils N. and Britta were married 1 Jan 1821 in Konserum, Gärdserum, Kalmar, SE.

Nils C. and Anna were married 8 Jun 1788 in Yxnerum, Östergötland, SE.

Britta was born 3 Nov 1798 in Svahltorp, Gärdserum, Kalmar, SE to Anders Carlsson and Anna Andersdotter.
Anders and Anna A. were married 1 Dec 1792 in Svahltorp, Gärdserum, Kalmar, SE.

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