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Started by Richard Steil BERGER on Sunday, August 7, 2011


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8/7/2011 at 2:29 PM

The information below was furnished to me by a member of the family on 8/6/2011.
Dick Berger

"My father was the son of Alexander Friedlander and Pauline Wyzanski, and Pauline was the daughter of Joseph Zelig Wyzanski (1847-1900) and Sore Libe Rosengold (1847-1933). Sore Libe was one of 14 children of Zalman Hirsch Rozengold and Basheva Sztabinski of Filipove, at least 7 of whom married and had children. One of those 7 was Peshe Leah Rosengold (1858-1940) who married Herzl Margolinsky. Another daughter married a Frankel, and Zalman's daughter Riva Mini, married Jacob Joshua Barden, who is also related to me, as my grandfather Alexander's mother - Chana Golda Friedlander, who married her uncle Isaac Leib Friedlander - was a daughter of Shlomo Friedlander and Chaia Bardin. And the Barden family in London also became related to the Wyzan family (Alexander's wife) and to the Margolinsky family through marriage (Jacob Joshua Barden's son Reuven married Herzl Margolinsky's daughter Anna). A sister of Herzl married a Friedman from Kalvaria, and a daughter of Herzl also married her Friedman cousin - another of my family lines (Isaac Leib Friedlander's mother was a Friedman). So the Margolinsky, Bardin, Rosengold, Wyzanski and Friedlander families in my grandparent's and great grandparent's generation were multiply related."

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