Devorah Eckstein

Started by Reuven Chaim Klein on Monday, August 8, 2011
8/8/2011 at 7:57 AM

My great-grandmother was Chaya Zlata FREIDMAN (Her father was
Eliezer FREIDMAN) and she married my great-grandfather Mordechai
KLEIN and afterwards she married Shlomo MERMELSTEIN. Chaya Zlata was
known to be a descendant of the Noam Elimelech from her mother,
Devorah ECKSTEIN. My question is whether someone can explain to me
this "known" link between the ECKSTEIN family and my gg-grandmother
Devorah ECKSTEIN and how I can get in touch with more relatives who
are also from the Noam Elimelech? All I know about CZ FREIDMAN was
that in her second marriage she lived in Kleczanev which is a town
near Munkatch.

Reuven Chaim Klein

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