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We are embarking upon another family reunion. It will be held next summer and we plan for it to be the biggest and best one yet. You know that this is not Harry Mercer's reunion it's all of our reunion and family participation is the key to having a successful one. I am very interested in your input, suggestions and thoughts. Please feel free to call or text me (512-626-1822) with questions, concerns or thoughts. You may also email me at Let me hear from you. I am very interested in people that are interested in assisting with the planning of the reunion or heading up some committees. The correspondence below is the email sent out thanking everyone for the tremendous turnout at the picnic a few weeks ago. Thanks again

Hello Cousins,

I want to personally thank you for your presence and participation in the recent "Mercer Picnic" which was held at the Round Rock Memorial Park in Round Rock, TX. on July 23, 2011. If you are receiving this correspondence and was not able to make the picnic, you missed a good "old fashion" picnic. It was certainly a joy to see each of you. The fun and fellowship was very enjoyable and relaxing for all of the cousins in attendance. Eventhough the "blazing" sun and heat caused issues for some of you, we "Mercers" are made of the right stuff and was able to deal with the natural elements. Afterall it was "summertime" in the month of July in the great State of Texas. As usual, we had more than enough food and many of you pitched in and assisted with the coordination of the food and drinks (this is what family is all about). As I mentioned in my prior letter, this was just an informal gathering for some of the local "Mercers." We certainly didn't want to exclude any of you. If you were not contacted, it was because I either didn't have current data or we felt it may be a "stretch" for some of you to travel long distances for a few hours.

Nevertheless, the Mercer Reunion Committee will start planning our official Reunion for next year on this coming Saturday, August 13, 2011 at 1:00pm. The meeting will be held at "Reunion Central" (home of Leonard and Flominda Mercer-Gabriel). The address is 4801 Old Fort Hill, Austin, TX. 78723. We are very excited about planning for this event. Our turnout for the Reunion in 2009 certainly exceeded my expectations. We hosted approximately 325 cousins. I would like to exceed that number in 2012 and that will take some work. That bring me to my next piece of business. It takes lots of planning, coordinating and strategy sessions to effectively have a family reunion. I am asking for some of you to join us and participate on committtes. In the early stages of the planning process, we only meet once a month and the meetings are no more than 2 hours long. I am thanking you in advance because I know you want the reunions to be a success. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions. I'll see you there.

Thanks again for each and everyone one of you and may God continue to bless the Mercer Families.

Harry E. Mercer, President
Mercer Family Reunion

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