Pearlie Hartsell, daughter of John Adam

Started by Karen Hartsell Kolbinsky on Tuesday, August 9, 2011


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I would like to include John Adam's first born child from the union between him and Hattie Mae Poston.
Her name is Pearlie Cornelia Hartsell, born Oct. 7, 1903.
this info comes from my great grandmother (or grandmother if it turns out Pearlie is my father's biological
mother as he'd believed her to be) ..Hattie Mae Poston.
It is a story that needs explaining for all of us as we dare even try uncover the secrets of their past.
Pearlie was only 6 yrs old when her dad died.
Willie Bell (our grandfather) 18 mos at the time of the 1910 census where Hattie is found living
with Dan Shinn.
I have my grandfather's history written out by my dad in 1986, ironically 100 years from the time his mother had been
born. He was born and 22 years before he was born.
Pearlie came into this world in 1903.
John Adam was well into his sixties and she was only still a teenager.
Obviously there were a few family members who'd chosen to cut them off and refuse to consider them
worthy of being part of the family at the time regardless of who was to blame.
One thing I do know is the kids weren't to blame so hopefully we can find a way to reconnect Pearlie
and figure out whether or not my dad, Douglas Bell was in fact HER SON (Hattie Mae Poston's grandson)
or her nephew.
whatever the case, I am searching for any information out there on Aunt Pearlie Hartsell..
she married a George W. Shinn in 1918 or 1919 and gave birth to their child richard in 1922.
She lived in SC (Chester?) at that time.
She lost a little girl age 8 mos. 6 days in Feb of 1925.
Hattie Mae was living with her at the time it seems since on the death certificate she had given
all information and an address for herself at the same pearlie was then living with her husband
and son, Richard.
Later we find a census in Salisbury NC for Hattie Mae living with Pearlie HARTSELL age 26 and her son
Richard Pruitt..Hattie Mae's last name remained SHINN at the time though she had a child by another man
who ended up her last husband, Walter Cranfield.
he is not named on the census in 1930 where his son, Charlie, is living with Hattie Mae Poston and her
daughter Pearlie HARTSELL (not Pruitt, her married name)
We have no information on Pearlie from that time. A grandson of Hattie, Charlie Hendricks, Annie Shinn's
child who seems to be the only living grandchild to talk to us right now remembers his grandmother, Hattie and her son,
Charlie Cranfield..he had believed his grandmother's daughter Pearlie Hartsell and son Willie (my grandfather) were
actually her sister and brother.
so the confusion is a bit difficult here to sort through but in the end my own search is for Pearlie Hartsell (mother Hattie poston)
to see if my dad's gut insticts were right that in fact SHE was his biological mother, not his "aunt" ..
any information would be helpful as I want to make sure we have facts straight and truth be known as the lies might
come to an end in our family.
thanks for any who might be able to help us with this.

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