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“Ninnean Wyse died in 1807. His death was reported in the Virginia Argus, December 8, 1807 with the brief notice: “Died – Mr. Ninnan Wyse, who drowned on the 5th of November. Body found in the basin of the canal on December 2nd. He was a native of Falkirk, Scotland, age 65.” Wyse headstone however, states that he was born in 1742 and died in 1807 at the age of 69 indicating either a mistake in the year of birth or mathematics. The remaining acre of land in Henrico County “near Colonel Adams’s (sic) sawmill” was sold “to let his widow have her part” and to repay his debts. He was buried at St. John’s Church in Henrico County where his age was given on the headstone as 69.

Agnes survived her husband but no record of her death has been discovered in Virginia or Maryland records.

A Ninnean Wyse was listed among the Scottish prisoners arriving at the port of Oxford, Maryland aboard the Johnson, William Pemberton, Master, on July 20, 1747. According to Thomas Scarf’s History of Maryland from the Earliest Period to the Present Day, these prisoners were among many partisans who had supported Prince Charles Edwards, “the young Pretender,” who were transported to England for trial after the uprising. Some were hanged and others, like Wyse and some one hundred compatriots, were deported to the colonies were they were frequently sold at auction as laborers. Although the age of this Ninnean Wyse was not recorded, he could have been a very young man when he arrived in Maryland or the father of Ninnean, husband of Agnes. Ninnean may have met Agnes in Accomack, on Virginia’s Eastern Shore, not far from Oxford, where an Agnes Wise appears in census records in 1810 and 1820. This suggests the possibility that she returned to her family’s home after her husband’s death, but, in the absence of her maiden name and early marriage records for Accomack County, it is not possible to firmly establish such a linkage.”

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