My Wonderful Grandmother Higgins

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8/9/2011 at 9:15 PM

I spent many summer weeks with Grandmother and I still remember what a hard worker she was. She was a wonderful lady in every respect. Her life was so different from the life that I now live and I look back in amazement at the knowledge she had and the ability to live totally off the land. I remember her milking the cows and feeding the chickens and separating the cream from the milk and making her own butter. That knowledge is not a part of today's society. I love to think back on going to town in a horse and wagon and the small amount of items needed when she went to the store. I think of that often when I load the many bags of groceries in my car. I think of her when I carry my trash out and remember she never threw anything away. She was a wonderful cook and housekeeper. Nothing would delight me more than if we could bring our ancestors back and let them view the changes that allow our lives to be so different than the way they lived. It was happy times when I knew I was going to stay with Grandmother for a while. I just hope I can leave good memories with my Grandchildren.

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