Origins of Reginiano surname

Started by Yaniv Reginiano on Wednesday, August 10, 2011


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In Paul Sebag's book "Les Noms des Juifs de Tunisie" the author enumerates 71 patronymics about which he writes "the Italian origins of these surnames cannot be in doubt" and even "These surnames are those of Jews of Italian origin" and later "these Jews of ancient Italian roots"
The name Reginiano is in this list
quoting from books it says:
REGINIANO : ce nom est formé à partir d'un prénom féminin Reine qui vient du latin Régina (ce nom de baptême est très souvent associé à la vierge). Les Réginiano sont originaires de l'Italie du Sud et de Malte.

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: REGINIANO: this name is formed from a female name from the Latin Queen Regina (the Christian name is often associated with the blank). The Réginiano are from southern Italy and Malta.

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BUT In another book
Jewish family names and their origins: an etymological dictionary by Heinrich Walter Guggenheimer,Eva H. Guggenheimer‏
page 623

Regineanu, Reginiano, Reginianu, matr. of proper n, Regina(T) or from Reghin (Transylvania).

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